Sunny Sunday Snapshots

Sunny Sunday Snapshots Yesterday was a beautiful, mild day. I was quite lazy, spending much of the day on the sofa reading – something I rarely do. My vantage point from the sofa gives me a bird’s eye view of three feeders. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many... Read more »

On the First Day of Spring

On the First Day of Spring This was my greenhouse at the height of winter. The snow on the roof makes it look a bit lopsided, but the greenhouse stood strong to February’s heavy snow. It scares me to think of what little beings were taking refuge in there. Yesterday, on the first day of... Read more »

Greenhouse Tomatoes and Cukes

Greenhouse Tomatoes and Cukes Today is the beginning of an experiment in the new greenhouse. Inspired by a photo on Pinterest, I started cucumber seeds in hanging pots. These are suspended from a shower rod fastened over one of the beds. In order to give the cucumber vines support, Paul fashioned... Read more »

Planting in the Greenhouse

Planting in the Greenhouse This weekend we labored on the greenhouse. And I do mean labored. Neither Paul nor I can move without whining. While we’re still not finished, the top and sides are in place and fastened down – no small feat given the breezy conditions. It was like... Read more »

Greenhouse Progress

Greenhouse Progress Following a ridiculous amount of manual labor this weekend, the greenhouse we started last fall is closer to being put into service. The pressure treated wood framework over two 3′ x 20′ hugelkultures is complete. One pvc bow is in place across the ridge... Read more »

Mapping Out the Greenhouse

Mapping Out the Greenhouse We have been talking of and dreaming about a greenhouse for quite a few years. The location, style, and size has changed with the tides. Motivated by the greenhouse I saw at the Common Ground Fair on Friday, I lured Paul outside to debate the location and stake out... Read more »

Greenhouse Planning Begins

Greenhouse Planning Begins Day two of my homecation started with sleeping in and then a lazy day puttering around the property. Paul and I played with pieces of an old tent framework, mixing and matching them until we came up with this layout for a little greenhouse. Situated over an existing... Read more »

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