I Get It

I Get It I am very lucky to have a super mom. In all my adult years, we’ve only spent a few of those within easy travel distance of each other. Whether I lived near or far, she is always thinking of me – and the rest of her family. When she is out and about, it’s always with... Read more »

Owls Among Us

Owls Among Us My birthday passed quietly last month. Mom (a.k.a. Granny Gadget) honored it (as she did last year) with a cute little metal owl. Last year’s pair resides by the front door welcoming visitors. This new one I put up on the post at the end of our drive over the... Read more »

On Top of the World

On Top of the World In Maine, sweatshirt weather in February calls for a celebration. This morning found both Hannah and I dragging. It was 2:30 a.m. before I made it to bed following the high school state championship basketball game last night. (They won!) It was so beautiful outside... Read more »

Gifts at Christmas

Gifts at Christmas As I snuggled down in bed last night, Christmas Eve, I commented to Paul that Hannah didn’t negotiate a wake-up time for Christmas morning. Our 15-year-old is growing up. What a gift to be able to sleep in on Christmas morning! Yet, at 6:45 a.m. this morning I... Read more »

Hens and Chicks of Another Variety

Hens and Chicks of Another Variety This spring,Granny Gadget sent me hens and chicks. Not of the laying variety, but a new plant for my garden. They looked a bit like a cactus. I didn’t have a plan for them, so I just tucked them into an empty space to keep them alive. They were cute, if a bit... Read more »

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