Exploring McClellan with Gidget

Exploring McClellan with Gidget A crisp November afternoon found Hannah, Gidget, and me at McClellan Park. We’d planned to walk the short trails but instead spent the afternoon scrambling across the rocks; a picture perfect afternoon! Gidget was a trooper, but Hannah ended up carrying her much... Read more »

A Girl and Her Dog

A Girl and Her Dog A hike with Hannah was the best possible way to end a week that didn’t seem as if was ever going to end. Despite the fact that I wanted nothing more than to nap the day away, Hannah and I took Gidget with us on a hike of the Hollingsworth Trail. We’ve... Read more »

Blueberry Hound

Blueberry Hound This year, the blueberry crop around the pond is especially good – probably because I’ve kept the chicken’s in their coop since we rebuilt their run. I got to the berries before the chickens this season. I went out this afternoon to pick some more... Read more »

The Beginning of a Friendship?

The Beginning of a Friendship? This morning, with little fanfare, I spied Gidget and Cinder sharing the same space. No  barking, no hissing. This is a first! Miss Kitty submitted to gentle sniffing and snuffling. Their tiny little noses gently touched. Might this be the beginning of a friendship?... Read more »

On Top of the World

On Top of the World In Maine, sweatshirt weather in February calls for a celebration. This morning found both Hannah and I dragging. It was 2:30 a.m. before I made it to bed following the high school state championship basketball game last night. (They won!) It was so beautiful outside... Read more »

Catching Gold Fever

Catching Gold Fever Gold fever has taken over at our house, in school, and in our community. Hannah’s high school girls basketball team is going to the state championships (class “c”) in Augusta tomorrow evening. Each night this week has been filled with Hannah’s... Read more »

What’s in a Name?

What’s in a Name? In our house, it seems that it’s only a matter of time before our loved ones are labeled with nicknames. Hannah was just a wee one when she became Roo or Hannah-Roo (much to her dismay today). Purfessor Snape, our black kitty is most often called Boo. Yet,... Read more »

A New Normal

A New Normal It’s hard to believe that Gidget has been with us for four months now. This little ball of fluff with the perpetually bad hair day is closing in on seven pounds. Despite her mini size, the vet says she’s on the pudgy side, so we’ve had to scale back... Read more »

Winter’s First Big Snow

Winter’s First Big Snow I knew that winter weather would catch up with us sooner or later. Today we got our first measurable snowfall of the season here along the coast. No one in my household seems too excited about this change – it was 50 degrees out just two days ago. I’m just... Read more »

A Gidget Puppy Ornament

A Gidget Puppy Ornament A Gidget Puppy will grace our Christmas tree this year along with a Much Loved Ginger Beast ornament. If only there was a way I could depict her in constant puppy motion! To save this PDF Yorkie pattern to your computer, right click on this link and select “Save... Read more »

Our Annual Pigeon Hill Hike +1

Our Annual Pigeon Hill Hike  +1 Hannah and I made our annual hike up Pigeon Hill today. This is usually a mother-daughter trip, although last year we convinced Paul to come along. This year little Gidget joined us for the trek. The weather was brisk – 40s with a steady wind, but the workout... Read more »

Those Ears!

Those Ears! Hannah and I hoped that Gidget would keep her floppy ears. However, at 14 weeks, it’s pretty obvious that isn’t going to be the case. She’s got this one ear up, one ear down thing going on – it’s as if she’s saluting. It’s... Read more »

A Spectacular Sunday

A Spectacular Sunday Today was one of those unexpected, spectacular, throw open your windows kind of days. And in mid-October, it could be the last one of the season. It was the kind of day that I long for, but haven’t had the opportunity to take advantage of very often this year.... Read more »

Gidget Goes to Schoodic

Gidget Goes to Schoodic We had a family outing to Schoodic Point this afternoon. You’ll see no pictures of Hannah because she enjoyed the view from the backseat of the car with her iTunes. Gidget on the other hand, enjoyed the sun and fresh air. She had fun sitting on the rocks, people... Read more »

Cleaning Out the Greenhouse

Cleaning Out the Greenhouse The day was sunny and cool, a high of 60. Yet, inside the greenhouse, even with the door and a vent open, the temperature was 80 degrees. I spent the afternoon in there yanking out the spent squash and cucumber plants and cleaned up the beds. Despite the fact that we... Read more »

Too Short a Weekend

Too Short a Weekend It was a spectacular weekend here in Downeast Maine. I had plans to attend the Common Ground Fair, one of my absolute favorite things to do. Yet, when it came time to leave on the five hour round-trip to Unity, I realized that I wanted nothing more to be home. This is... Read more »

A Cute Battle of Wills

A Cute Battle of Wills This is one of my favorite pictures of Gidget. As she was sleeping, I tip-toed over and just as I snapped the pic with my iPhone, her eyes popped open. Ten weeks old today, Gidget is staging a coop. She thinks her cuteness is a trump card allowing her to rule the... Read more »

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