How does your garden grow?

How does your garden grow? Although I’ve paid my garden little attention since planted, it seems to be growing strong. As are the weeds! I’ve managed to keep the weeds in the beds to a minimum, but between the beds is another matter. Still, there are hits a misses here and there. This... Read more »

Cleaning Out the Greenhouse

Cleaning Out the Greenhouse The day was sunny and cool, a high of 60. Yet, inside the greenhouse, even with the door and a vent open, the temperature was 80 degrees. I spent the afternoon in there yanking out the spent squash and cucumber plants and cleaned up the beds. Despite the fact that we... Read more »

Giant Sunflowers

Giant Sunflowers This is the first year that I’ve been successful at growing giant sunflowers. I’m fairly certain the chickens sabotaged my prior attempts by eating the seed. In early summer I planted a row of Burpee’s Mammoth sunflower seeds right in front of the... Read more »

Summer Arrives with August in Maine

Summer Arrives with August in Maine Summer has finally arrived with hot and humid weather. After waiting so long for summer-like weather, I have to keep reminding myself not to whine. I really don’t like hot and humid. I don’t do humidity. With cool weather just around the corner, my mantra... Read more »

Garden Lust

Garden Lust I had the opportunity to tour a friend’s garden this weekend. The experience has me dreaming about rows of garden beds. Agribond over hoops cover a row of tomatoes started in January in their sun room. Onions planted in the fall were wintered over in a double... Read more »

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