How does your garden grow?

How does your garden grow? Although I’ve paid my garden little attention since planted, it seems to be growing strong. As are the weeds! I’ve managed to keep the weeds in the beds to a minimum, but between the beds is another matter. Still, there are hits a misses here and there. This... Read more »

Cleaning Out the Greenhouse

Cleaning Out the Greenhouse The day was sunny and cool, a high of 60. Yet, inside the greenhouse, even with the door and a vent open, the temperature was 80 degrees. I spent the afternoon in there yanking out the spent squash and cucumber plants and cleaned up the beds. Despite the fact that we... Read more »

Giant Sunflowers

Giant Sunflowers This is the first year that I’ve been successful at growing giant sunflowers. I’m fairly certain the chickens sabotaged my prior attempts by eating the seed. In early summer I planted a row of Burpee’s Mammoth sunflower seeds right in front of the... Read more »

Summer Arrives with August in Maine

Summer Arrives with August in Maine Summer has finally arrived with hot and humid weather. After waiting so long for summer-like weather, I have to keep reminding myself not to whine. I really don’t like hot and humid. I don’t do humidity. With cool weather just around the corner, my mantra... Read more »

Garden Lust

Garden Lust I had the opportunity to tour a friend’s garden this weekend. The experience has me dreaming about rows of garden beds. Agribond over hoops cover a row of tomatoes started in January in their sun room. Onions planted in the fall were wintered over in a double... Read more »

Holy Tomatoes!

Holy Tomatoes! “Holy tomatoes!” exclaimed Hannah when she spied the result of my morning’s work. With ground prep beginning today on the greenhouse, we needed to move the garden fence to give Paul space to run the tractor. You can see the need for the fence. The... Read more »

The Last Day Lily

The Last Day Lily The day lilies are all but spent. One lone blossom remains in my garden. I stopped to admire the flower and was surprised to discover that I’m not the only one? enjoying this last bright beacon of... Read more »

An End of August Garden

An End of August Garden This last weekend in August found me in the garden wishing I could restart the month. I’m not ready for the growing season to wind down, especially when I’m having such great success with my hugelkulturs. I’d love another month of warm weather to... Read more »

A Bountiful Day

A Bountiful Day I love days like today – sunny summer days when the only thought on my mind is working in the garden. It’s satisfying to see the garden producing. Although, harvesting from my garden is a bit like playing Twister. It’s so wildly overgrown that... Read more »

It’s A Jungle Out There: Hugelkulture Update

It’s A Jungle Out There: Hugelkulture Update It appears that I’ve finally hit on a gardening strategy that works in my inhospitable clay soil. After a few years of playing with raised beds, my hugulkulture experiment is yielding fabulous results. My pumpkins and cucumbers are waist deep. I wasn’t... Read more »

This Weekend in My Garden

This Weekend in My Garden Snapshots from the garden this weekend… My hugulkultures are doing great. You’re looking at pumpkins, zucchini and cucumbers. In hindsight, I may have placed them a little close together and set the fence? in a little too tight. I can’t move in... Read more »

Spring in the Mailbox

Spring in the Mailbox The ground may be frozen and snowy, but spring arrived in my mailbox yesterday. Given my gardening history, I may have been just a little optimistic when ordering seeds – 32 varieties!?A typical spring involves me starting seeds, killing the seedlings at some... Read more »

Hens and Chicks of Another Variety

Hens and Chicks of Another Variety This spring,Granny Gadget sent me hens and chicks. Not of the laying variety, but a new plant for my garden. They looked a bit like a cactus. I didn’t have a plan for them, so I just tucked them into an empty space to keep them alive. They were cute, if a bit... Read more »

Where’s the Justice?

Where’s the Justice? I have only been seriously gardening for the last few years. I work painstakingly to create the perfect garden environment for growing my vegetables. I read up on growing veggies. I test pH levels. I work in peat and compost and diligently weed the garden beds. I... Read more »

Kale Under Attack

Kale Under Attack Something has invaded my kale bed. I went out last night to harvest some kale for dinner and found the entire bed nibbled within an inch of its life. Upon further inspection, I found these tiny green worms to be the culprit. I spent hours last night searching the... Read more »

Feasting on Lilacs

Feasting on Lilacs My lilacs are in full bloom making the garden smell wonderul. As I sit and write this, the breeze is carrying the scent of lilac in the window. Late this afternoon, when we were feeding critters and putting things away outdoors, I found these Hummingbird Clearwing... Read more »

The Moss-Lined Raised Garden Experiment

The Moss-Lined Raised Garden Experiment Last summer I lamented that my raised bed gardens didn’t do as well as my neighbors’. He told me his secret is lining the bottom of the raised bed with moss – plain old moss from the woods – to retain moisture. Eager to begin planing, I decided... Read more »

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