Downeast Thunder Farm Fox on Wood

Downeast Thunder Farm Fox on Wood Browsing through a craft show yesterday, I spied a display with holiday decorations created from wood discs with wood burned designs. Last year, I cut discs from a downed birch tree, but never did anything with them. I found Hannah’s wood burning kit today and... Read more »

Never Trust a Smiling Fox

Never Trust a Smiling Fox This red fox is my first attempt at a non-bird pattern. He’s inspired by the fox that visits Downeast Thunder Farm all too often. This guy is a friendly looking fox. However, my advice to you: never trust a smiling fox! Right click here and select “Save... Read more »

In Search of a Fox

In Search of a Fox The past few mornings there have been fox tracks everywhere. This stealthy nighttime visitor has been routinely inspecting the chicken coups and duck houses, a fresh set of track appearing each morning. Today, as the afternoon skies turned gray with the promise of... Read more »

A Wintry Sunrise

A Wintry Sunrise Sunrise as I followed fox tracks on a cold winter morning. Our last snow showed evidence of fox tracks all over the farm. Across the pond, around the chicken coop, over to the banty coop, and all around the duck house (above). The fox even popped up on top of the duck... Read more »

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