A Macro View

A Macro View Last week I splurged and spent $19 on a macro lens for my iPhone. I figured that it would be an inexpensive way to begin experimenting with close up photos of my Monarch caterpillars. I’ve played around with the lens a bit with various results. Once clipping the... Read more »

Pea Blossoms And Other Posies

Pea Blossoms And Other Posies While tending the garden today, I was struck by how sweet the pea blossoms are. Fuchsia and delicate pink. Demure white. White, that upon closer look gives way to the palest of green. And then, I got carried away. The peonies have popped. Pretty in pink. Wild daisies... Read more »

Angelique Tulips

Angelique Tulips My garden has only one cluster of tulips – these lovely Angeliques by the front door. They opened only a couple of days ago and are almost spent with this incessant rain we’ve had. Still, they are the most amazing delicate pink color. Worthy of a photo or... Read more »

Hand-Me-Down Flowers

Hand-Me-Down Flowers More than half of the flowers in my garden are hand-me-downs or gifts from Mom. Over the past couple of years Mom has given me a couple of dozen baby dwarf Korean lilac plants that she dug up from her garden as her lilacs began to spread. Three of these plants... Read more »

The Gift of Loam

The Gift of Loam We went to my folks over spring break. When I returned, Mom sent back a giant batch of lilies freshly dug from her garden. As you can see, I divided that clump and planted them along the edge of the porch. Given the fact that we’ve had as much a 8′ of snow... Read more »

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