Family Night Out

Family Night Out Hannah, Paul and I took a break from the hustle and bustle of life and attend a local paint and sip event. None of us have much experience with painting anything other than a wall, but we had fun! The subject was seascapes. From left to right: Hannah, Susan, and Paul.... Read more »

My First Love

My First Love Today is my father’s birthday. With me living so far away, the times we spent this day together have been far and few between. I can’t be there today, but I’m planning a visit to Pennsylvania next month. (Hopefully – between camp, braces and volleyball practice!) My... Read more »

Waggoner’s Gap Hawk Watch Outing with Dad

Waggoner’s Gap Hawk Watch Outing with Dad This week in Pennsylvania visiting my folks has been blissfully slow-paced. On the first sunny day, Dad and I went for a drive in search of a mountain overlook where he thought I’d enjoy taking pictures. After two hours of driving, we admitted defeat and... Read more »

Groundhog Day and Reminiscing

Groundhog Day and Reminiscing It’s a little known fact that I was born in Punxsutawny, Pennsylvania, home to my paternal grandparents and where my father was raised. Growing up the daughter of an Army officer, we moved every 1-3 years for much of my childhood. Most vacations were spent... Read more »

Christmas Reflection

Christmas Reflection Christmas 2012. Not a child, not quite grown up, she finds great joy in the day. It’s not about what’s under the Christmas tree for Hannah. It’s about us all being able to share the day together. It’s the planning, the preparation, the making... Read more »

Anniversary No. 14

Anniversary No. 14 Fourteen years ago, I married my best friend. This has not been an inconsequential partnership so far. Four ducks: $25 One gold fish: $28 Thirteen chickens: $77 Two cats: $1,153 Three dogs: $4,760 One half-grown child: $103,850 One home in the woods of Maine: $290,000... Read more »

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Happy Birthday, Dad! Dad’s birthday was on the 17th. I made this card for him featuring his chicken namesake, but couldn’t share it until I knew he had received it in the mail (I was a little late on the draw – as usual). Happy Birthday,... Read more »

Summer Camp Woes

Summer Camp Woes My girl has flown the coop. Left the nest. Gone to summer camp. At eleven years old, this is only her second time away from home alone. The first was a one-night sleep over in town. This week she is on the Sunbeam, a 75’ long ship owned by the Maine Coast Sea Mission.... Read more »

Family Recipe Project – Jubliee Jumbles

Family Recipe Project – Jubliee Jumbles During the last trip to my parent’s home in Pennsylvania my mother tossed a new project my way. She has this idea to create a family recipe book with a bit of a different twist. She wants to include pictures of the original recipe written in our loved... Read more »

Ruth Bender Nerviani 1915-2011

Ruth Bender Nerviani 1915-2011 I lost my grandmother this week. Ruth (nee Strobel) Bender Nerviani died peacefully in her sleep at age 96 with my mother by her side. Her passing leaves a void in my heart. All of my life I called my grandmother “Mother.” Growing up I heard my mom call her “Mother”... Read more »

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! This Christmas artwork was created by my great, great aunt, Elizabeth Stroble. Elizabeth taught art at a high school in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Each year she created an amazing linoleum block print poster and sent a copy to her nieces and nephews as her Christmas... Read more »

The Trouble with Sweetie

The Trouble with Sweetie In my house we’re big on nicknames and endearments for those we love. For example, Snape the cat is Snapey-poo, Boo Boo Bear, or Itty Bitty Boo (just to name a few – the list goes on). Cinder the cat is Miss Kitty or Cinderkins. Ginger the dog is Ginger-baby,... Read more »

Grandma Jordan’s Laundry Basket

Grandma Jordan’s Laundry Basket My Grandma Jordan was born in 1900 and lived in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania for all the years I knew her. My grandparents had a splendid old house on Penn Street in Punxy. I have wonderful memories of summers there in my early years catching fireflies, Saturday night... Read more »

Happy Anniversary, Sweetie

Happy Anniversary, Sweetie Thirteen years ago today I married my best friend. Lucky me! Other than marrying Paul, the thing that stands out the most as I think back on our wedding is the group of people who celebrated the day with us. It’s the last time that we had our family and closest... Read more »

The Honeymoon Must Be Over

The Honeymoon Must Be Over This month I’ll have been married to Paul for THIRTEEN years. Wow. A lot has happened in our lives since we met and married – our Hannah, the loss of loved ones, new pets, a move to Maine, life threatening illnesses, loss of jobs, new jobs, starting our... Read more »

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