Two Drakes is One Too Many!

Two Drakes is One Too Many! With a flock of four female ducks, two frisky drakes are a bit too much for them. And particularly for Dilly, our physically challenged duck. We are looking for a new home for Puddles. Puddles is a Pekin drake, almost one-year old. He’s a good duck – very... Read more »

Ducks In a Row

Ducks In a Row Do you have your ducks in a row? I do. Until a few days ago they had never ventured into the drive, choosing to stick the the area right around the pond (still frozen in the background above). Tonight, I looked out the window and saw them hightailing it down the road.... Read more »

The Restorative Power of a Bath

The Restorative Power of a Bath Sometimes a girl just needs a little alone time in the tub. Take Dilly for instance. Dilly is our much loved, physically challenged duck. It’s been a hard winter for her without the pond. She finds it difficult to walk so she spends lots of time sitting around... Read more »

First Snow of the Year

First Snow of the Year After yesterday’s rude surprise of a frozen pond, the ducks proceeded with caution on this morning of the first snow. They didn’t race to dive in this morning. Instead, they walked around to the high side of the pond taking stock of things before diving... Read more »

Ice Cubes

Ice Cubes Wintry cold set in over the past two days. Yesterday, Paul fired up the outdoor wood boiler for the first time this season – a week later than last year. The wood boiler is not something you crank on just to warm things up. Once it’s running it goes... Read more »

Sunday September Snapshots

Sunday September Snapshots It was a gorgeous Sunday in our little corner of Maine today. I tried to spend as much time outside as possible. I helped Paul cut and stack wood, made bean soup, puttered with projects and parked myself by the pond or the porch every spare moment. Here are a few of... Read more »

In Search of a Flock

In Search of a Flock Miri and Gilfy are our Buff Orpington and Barred Rock mix chickens, hatched in June. They are now living (temporarily) in a dog crate next to the big girl’s coop where they’ve spent the last few weeks becoming familiar with the Girls, the Banties and the... Read more »

August Weekend Snapshots

August Weekend Snapshots It’s been a weekend full of puttering – a little weeding, a little landscaping around the pond, a little planting of new lettuce, spinach and kale. A little photography along the way. The Colonel ever watchful over his flock. Quackers checking out the... Read more »

The Slug Patrol

The Slug Patrol We’re having a much needed rainy day at Downeast Thunder Farm  –  nice soft steady rain has been falling all day. Perfect Ducky Weather – just right for bringing out the slugs. The ducks spent more time paroling for slugs and bugs than they did... Read more »

Progress with Project Ducky Unification

Progress with Project Ducky Unification Two nights after Project Ducky Unification got underway we had a late night disturbance. At 4 a.m. I awoke to the sound of frantic ducks. My first thought was that a predator had made its way into the duck house. A quick poke at Paul and it was clear that he was... Read more »


Reflections Do you suppose they notice their reflections? Oscar’s double reflection as she chases off the... Read more »

A Weekend on the Farm

A Weekend on the Farm It was a weekend of two weather forecasts. Saturday was beastly hot and humid. Sunday was glorious – a perfect Maine summer day. I spent both days outdoors working on a myriad of garden and critter chores, sneaking in some reading by the pond and taking pictures... Read more »

Project Ducky Unification

Project Ducky Unification It’s been a week since we introduced the ducklings to the pond. Since then the big ducks have learned to tolerate the new ducklings and the babies have learned how to hold their ground. The other night I figured they were doing so well together on the pond that... Read more »

Feathered Babies Update

Feathered Babies Update I spent the most glorious hour this evening sitting at the edge of the duck pond, sun dipping lower in the sky, with a glass of wine and my book. It was like a mini vacation relaxing away from work and the phone, watching the baby ducks negotiate their place among the... Read more »

Rain, Rain, and More Rain!

Rain, Rain, and More Rain! We’ve had a bit of rain lately. Well, more like torrential downpours. I can’t remember the last dry day we had. My weeds are flourishing and the garden is waterlogged! Here’s a quick visual. This is our pond last week when we launched the ducks for... Read more »

Launching of the Duckies

Launching of the Duckies The ducks make their maiden voyage in “The Big  Pond” today! When we took the fencing down that separated the duck yard from the pond, it took them a few minutes to realize they could cross that magic line. Once they figured out they were free they made a... Read more »

Duckling’s First Dip

Duckling’s First Dip It was a stupendously beautiful day here – perfect for the new ducklings first swim. Here are Puddles and Gabby testing out the water in my rubber tote. This swimming thing takes a little getting used to. They weren’t too sure about the whole experience.... Read more »

Cute in a Bucket (Squared)

Cute in a Bucket (Squared) Check out the little cuties who joined the farm today! We picked these little baby Pekin ducklings up from the local feed store today. We’ve eagerly awaited their arrival so we could give broody Dilly some babies – a reward for sitting on her nonproductive... Read more »

Have you Hugged Your Duck Today?

Have you Hugged Your Duck Today? Hannah has! Quackers is having a warm Epsom salt foot bath. Her waddle has turned into a limp as a result of an infected sore on her foot. It’s been treated and she’s spending a quite night in the garage. I think Hannah enjoyed the excuse to hang with her... Read more »

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