No Bees

No Bees My seasons of purple have been racing by without much notice on my part. I’ve been too busy to enjoy being at home. I’ve all but missed the lilac bushes that were in bloom for all of a week. The Lupin has come and gone. Today, I blissfully had a day to... Read more »

Coming Alive with Spring

Coming Alive with Spring It was a glorious Easter Sunday here – rare 74 degrees and sunny for April. Since my partner in crime (Hannah) is off on a trip to New York, I recruited Paul and Gidget for this afternoon’s walk by the river. The water was high, roaring past the railroad... Read more »

Spring Arrives in Maine

Spring Arrives in Maine Given the unseasonable beautiful weather we’ve been blessed with as of late, the first full day of spring was a rude beginning. A month since we had any measurable snowfall and today’s Snow Day No. 4 feels like a step backward in the march towards spring.... Read more »

A Good Mud Puddle

A Good Mud Puddle Today felt like Spring! Sixty and sunny, the ducks got some supervised play time outside their house. I guess you could call them puddle ducks as they were having a ball in the melting driveway. Splashing and preening, they were, feathers flying. What I can’t... Read more »

Warm Days, Long Shadows

Warm Days, Long Shadows Today brought another round of record breaking temperatures to Downeast Maine. The long shadows of winter belied the springlike weather. Less than one week into winter found me lounging in a chair in front of the pond taking in the sights. The banties were out en... Read more »

Snow Day

Snow Day The first snow day of the year is upon us. What better way to spend a Friday than snuggled warm inside watching the world turn white outdoors. It’s rare to see snow on the ground when the pond is not frozen. I wish the duckies could enjoy the pond all winter... Read more »

A Little Porch Company

A Little Porch Company It seems that I have a bit of extra company when I sit on the porch these days. As I was enjoying the view of the ducks on the pond from my Adirondack chair, it became clear that I was not alone. This little bunny has taken up residence under the lilac bushes. The... Read more »

On the Water

On the Water Yesterday, the pond all but melted, found the ducks hanging out on the bank. They’d yet to dip a foot into the pond, still splashing in their mortar box. All that water just waiting for them and they wouldn’t go near it. I talked Paul into helping me “coax” the... Read more »

50 and Sunny

50 and Sunny Today was a gift. The sun shining, temperatures soared to 50 degrees. I brushed off the long unused porch chairs and parked myself for a few minutes to admire the view. The pond is still frozen over, but the ice is dwindling. In the front, the only remaining snow are... Read more »

A Good Spring Puddle

A Good Spring Puddle I had visions of the first day of spring – time sitting on the porch letting the sun’s warmth nourish me. Truth be told, I think only the ducks were happy about the reality of the this first day of spring. They found joy in the... Read more »

Winter Ducks

Winter Ducks Not? long ago, Janet emailed and asked how the ducks were fairing this winter – that I hadn’t mentioned them lately. Well, Janet, winter is definitely not their favorite season, but our eight duckies are doing well. We got the ducks for eggs (although... Read more »

A Day Without Rain…

A Day Without Rain… A day without rain is a glorious day! I spent as much time outdoors as possible – weeding, trellising the tomato plants, snipping the scapes off my garlic, weed whacking, etcetera. I’m not the only one who was happy to be out and about today. Shadow took... Read more »

Introducing the Ducklings

Introducing the Ducklings The ducklings spent the last few days in a play yard outdoors becoming familiar with the other farm critters. Today, we introduced Peep and Squeak to the rest of flock. I expected the big ducks to chase off the babies, but for the most part the babies were ignored.... Read more »

Adventure to the Big Pond

Adventure to the Big Pond Peep and Squeak are finally getting out of the brooder and experiencing the great outdoors. We put the big ducks in their run early and let the babies explore alone. We had to coax them into the pond. It’s a lot bigger than the bathtub! Then they began to loosen... Read more »

Wandering Ducks

Wandering Ducks The ducks have provided lots of inspiration for posts lately. Broody ducks, cute ducks, new ducks. No ducks. That’s what I found when I arrived home – no ducks. Nada. After checking with Paul who said, “They were just there a little while ago,”... Read more »

An Unexpected Dip

An Unexpected Dip The baby ducks started out with a basic chick waterer. I wanted to give them a waterer where they could dunk their heads, but keep things as dry as possible. After doing a bit of research, I cut a hole in the side of a gallon milk jug. I guess I should have cut a... Read more »

Broody Banty, Broody Buff, Broody Duck

Broody Banty, Broody Buff, Broody Duck I locked myself into the chicken coop this morning. On accident. But that’s not what this post is about. Just thought I’d share. I arrived home late last night from a week in Pennsylvania only to have to turn around and leave again on business this... Read more »

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