Dilly – A Good Duck

Dilly – A Good Duck Today is a sad day. It started out lovely with ice out on the sunny side of the pond. The ducks, Dilly, Quackers, Peep and Squeak enjoyed a first spring dip in the pond while I enjoyed the view from my chair in the shade. Yet, when it was time to bring the ducks in... Read more »

A Good Mud Puddle

A Good Mud Puddle Today felt like Spring! Sixty and sunny, the ducks got some supervised play time outside their house. I guess you could call them puddle ducks as they were having a ball in the melting driveway. Splashing and preening, they were, feathers flying. What I can’t... Read more »

Dilly, One Annoyed Duck

Dilly, One Annoyed Duck Did you know that ducks are great complainers? Dilly is broody and unfortunately she’s made her nest by the pond and not in the duck house. She religiously sits on her eggs during the day. Come evening she’s not happy about being coaxed indoors. We were... Read more »

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