Blueberry Hound

Blueberry Hound This year, the blueberry crop around the pond is especially good – probably because I’ve kept the chicken’s in their coop since we rebuilt their run. I got to the berries before the chickens this season. I went out this afternoon to pick some more... Read more »

The Battle for Blueberries

The Battle for Blueberries I’m not a country girl by upbringing, so it’s no surprise that I’m excited over a patch of wild blueberries that are thriving around the pond. Last year about this time when I checked the progress of the berries, there was nary a one – the... Read more »

Blueberrying with Hannah

Blueberrying with Hannah On this amazingly beautiful August morning, Hannah and I headed out to Petit Manan Wildlife Refuge for our annual blueberry picking outing. In the years we’ve been picking berries here, I’ve never seen so many berries in this un-managed blueberry field. A... Read more »

Sunday Morning Muffins

Sunday Morning Muffins I have a new favorite Sunday morning muffin recipe. It make six large muffins – or muffin tops – my favorite way of making muffins. The basic recipe is the same and you can swap out the fruit based on what you have in the fridge. This morning it was... Read more »

Bees in the Barrens

Bees in the Barrens The bees are back – a sure sign of spring in Downeast Maine. Bee keepers have deposited their hives all across the region to pollinate the blueberry bushes. Everywhere you look, the barrens are covered with lush carpets of green and mauve. The prelude to... Read more »

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