Return of The Canada Goose

Return of The Canada Goose This pretty Canada goose lounging along the banks of the Narraguagus was a reaffirmation that spring is here. Despite the blizzard Mother Nature threw our way this week and the ice and sleet predicted for tomorrow, winter is loosing her hold on... Read more »

Suspended Animation

Suspended Animation This visitor had me keep Paul and Hannah waiting as we were trying to get out the door today to go shopping. It’s that addiction thing. I followed the woodpecker (Downy? Hairy?) from the kitchen to the living room scrambling to get the camera focused correctly.... Read more »

A Flock of Doves

A Flock of Doves It started this morning when I ventured outside to fill the bird feeders – in my jammies and muck boots, nonetheless. I made quite the picture. You can do that when you live in the woods. At first there was just one. And then two. And three. Before I knew... Read more »

First Flight

First Flight I’ve had my eye on this nest of Eastern Phoebes in the lean-to outside my office. This morning, I noticed a flurry of activity out the window and saw a tiny little Phoebe perched on the edge of a folding chair. He’d made it the eight feet from down from... Read more »

Mourning Doves

Mourning Doves I enjoy watching the Mourning Doves out my kitchen window. They visit the garden feeder for breakfast and dinner. Here they are pictured with the fading lilacs. Lilacs that are all but gone after days of torrential... Read more »

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