Friday Distractions

Friday Distractions I love Fridays. They are my work from home day. I can wake without the alarm and roll out of bed to enjoy coffee at my desk. My routine involves a pattern of working and puttering, working and puttering. My puttering might be doing the dishes, laundry, taking Gidget... Read more »

Focus on Fireweed

Focus on Fireweed In August, Fireweed paints the Downeast landscape a vibrant purply pink. The tall spires are laden with elegant, delicate little flowers. Turns out that this afternoon I’m not the only one interested in Fireweed on the side of the... Read more »

No Bees

No Bees My seasons of purple have been racing by without much notice on my part. I’ve been too busy to enjoy being at home. I’ve all but missed the lilac bushes that were in bloom for all of a week. The Lupin has come and gone. Today, I blissfully had a day to... Read more »

A New Perspective on Lupine

A New Perspective on Lupine I’ve had fun this afternoon with this new perspective in photographing lupine in the garden. There’s something very compelling about the patterns of the blossoms. The bees pull open the lupine petals with their front legs and all but climb in to feast.... Read more »

Sipping from a Bleeding Heart

Sipping from a Bleeding Heart Sometimes you don’t really know what you have in a photo until you load it onto the computer and have a closer look. I love this picture where you can actually see the bumblebee’s tongue dipping inside the flower sipping at the... Read more »

Big Bumble Bee

Big Bumble Bee I found this BIG bumble bee in my violas this morning. “A bee is never as busy as it seems; it’s just that it can’t buzz any slower.” ~Kin Hubbard... Read more »

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