A Chicken Quandary

A Chicken Quandary Shadow’s latest batch of baby bantam chickens have flown the coop. Shadow has given up her mama duties and the youngsters, now 11 weeks old, are on their own. The Banty B&B is a bit overcrowded with this latest hatch. Who knew Shadow would be such a good... Read more »

A Banty Room with a View

A Banty Room with a View I’ve been concerned about occupancy in the Banty coop given the recent population explosion. We’ll only keep the hens, but as all the babies look alike we’ll have to wait until they grow up a bit before separating out the boys. So this weekend,... Read more »

A Day Without Rain…

A Day Without Rain… A day without rain is a glorious day! I spent as much time outdoors as possible – weeding, trellising the tomato plants, snipping the scapes off my garlic, weed whacking, etcetera. I’m not the only one who was happy to be out and about today. Shadow took... Read more »

Banty Population Explosion

Banty Population Explosion Occupancy in the Banty B&B has hit an all-time high. Over the past couple of days the Banty chicken population doubled. Shadow is proving to be an excellent chicky mama, sticking to her nest until five baby bantam chickens hatched. It seemed like every time I... Read more »

Welcome to the Farm!

Welcome to the Farm! Exciting things are happening here today. Little Shadow, our Bantam hen is still on her nest. She’s my favorite chicken because she’s so sweet and even tempered – and a good mama. Hannah’s chores include feeding and watering the Bantys each... Read more »

Clover and Klee

Clover and Klee Meet Clover and Klee, our father and son roosters. Hatched on May 1, Klee has grown into the spitting image of his daddy. This morning I heard Klee try his first crow. Kids, they grow up so... Read more »

Rooster Face Off

Rooster Face Off Clover, the bantam rooster (stage left) has been feeling his oats. I don’t think he realizes that The Colonel (stage right) is at least three times his size. Maybe he has a Napoleon complex. In this rare rooster face off, Henrietta senses that all is not well... Read more »

Breakfast with Chickens

Breakfast with Chickens I took advantage of a beautiful morning and took my coffee and breakfast out to the porch. Some uninvited company arrived. She seems to be begging. I’m not sure how I feel about having breakfast with... Read more »

Chicken On A Hot Tin Roof

Chicken On A Hot Tin Roof I couldn’t resist snapping a picture of this unusual sight – Clover the Banty Rooster on the porch roof. Then I realized that the sun was going down and the door to the banty coop had blown shut. Instinct was kicking in and Clover was looking for a safe... Read more »

August Weekend Snapshots

August Weekend Snapshots It’s been a weekend full of puttering – a little weeding, a little landscaping around the pond, a little planting of new lettuce, spinach and kale. A little photography along the way. The Colonel ever watchful over his flock. Quackers checking out the... Read more »

Feathered Babies Update

Feathered Babies Update I spent the most glorious hour this evening sitting at the edge of the duck pond, sun dipping lower in the sky, with a glass of wine and my book. It was like a mini vacation relaxing away from work and the phone, watching the baby ducks negotiate their place among the... Read more »

Hatching Chicks

Hatching Chicks Almost a month ago I selected a dozen fresh chicken eggs to place in the incubator Paul gave me at Christmas. A few days ago three baby chicks hatched. One didn’t survive, leaving Gilfy and Miri – cute little Buff Orpington/Barred Rock chicks. Although I... Read more »

I’m a Proud Chicky Mama!

I’m a Proud Chicky Mama! The sound of cheaping woke me out of a sound sleep at 1:30 a.m. this morning. A few moments to get my bearings and I ran to the bathroom where I found this brandy-new chick in the incubator! I woke Paul to share the excitement with him. He groggily told me to close... Read more »

Total Cuteness

Total Cuteness It was dark when Hannah closed the Banties in tonight. She panicked because she couldn’t find the baby chicks – they are usually sitting in the corner tucked under Shadow. Hannah flashed her light inside the coop and saw mama on the roost. Then out popped... Read more »

Weekend Snapshots

Weekend Snapshots It was a glorious weekend here. Sunny and seventies. It would have been perfection but for the black flies. Insidious little things. Did you know they have serrated teeth? My legs – a minefield of red swollen bites are proof. Lots of things happened at Downeast... Read more »

Moving Day for the Freedom Rangers

Moving Day for the Freedom Rangers Today was moving day for the Freedom Rangers. They’ve been with us for four weeks now and things in the brooder were getting a bit crowded. Now that they have feathers they can move outside to their new digs. Hannah moved the 50 chickens into the dog kennel in... Read more »

Baby Peeps and the Great Outdoors

Baby Peeps and the Great Outdoors The two-day-old peeps ventured into the great outdoors of the Banty B&B today. A bit soon for this type of adventure in my eyes. I suspect that they led their mama on a merry chase. Shadow seems to be a very conscientious mama, but when I arrived home  tonight,... Read more »

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