Mergansers on the River

Mergansers on the River A lull between appointments gave me the chance to pause and enjoy watching a couple of Common Mergansers floating down the Narraguagus River. I call moments like this “drive by shootings” – serendipitous photos taken from the comfort of the car.... Read more »

Eagles on a Snowy Afternoon

Eagles on a Snowy Afternoon I spied this bald eagle perched over the river today and paused for a photo. And then there were two. It’s so good to be back in Maine where the traffic is slow – it doesn’t matter if I stop the car in the middle of the road for a photo... Read more »

Lunchtime Down at the River

Lunchtime Down at the River Cruising past the river today I paused to watch this Bald Eagle leisurely enjoy his lunch. Once the eagle took off, the gulls moved in so quickly it was as if they’d been sitting on the sidelines waiting for him to leave. The gulls made fishing look easy,... Read more »

Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle Passing by the Narraguagus River in Cherryfield yesterday, I spied this majestic bald eagle perched in a tree surveying the river. Big fat snowflakes fell against a gray sky as I snapped these pictures from the comfort of my car. Why is it that I never have my camera... Read more »

Eagles Among Us

Eagles Among Us I have to wonder if seeing five Bald Eagles in one day is a sign of some sort. I’m thrilled when I spy just one or maybe a pair soaring in the sky. Today they seemed to be everywhere – flying alongside the car as if we were soaring together, crossing my... Read more »

Running Away From Cabin Fever

Running Away From Cabin Fever Do you ever have those moments when things are not going right, and the answer is likely simple, and probably staring you in the face, but you cannot see it? That was me this morning. Rather than chasing my tail and wasting an entire day on a 30-minute task, I did... Read more »

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