Introducing the Ducklings

Introducing the Ducklings The ducklings spent the last few days in a play yard outdoors becoming familiar with the other farm critters. Today, we introduced Peep and Squeak to the rest of flock. I expected the big ducks to chase off the babies, but for the most part the babies were ignored.... Read more »

A Ducky Mother’s Day

A Ducky Mother’s Day Four weeks ago, we tucked twelve duck eggs into an incubator. For 27 days Paul accepted egg duty and faithfully spritzed and turned the eggs multiple times a day. While in Pennsylvania for Mother’s Day weekend with my mom, I received a phone call on Saturday to... Read more »

Progress with Project Ducky Unification

Progress with Project Ducky Unification Two nights after Project Ducky Unification got underway we had a late night disturbance. At 4 a.m. I awoke to the sound of frantic ducks. My first thought was that a predator had made its way into the duck house. A quick poke at Paul and it was clear that he was... Read more »

Project Ducky Unification

Project Ducky Unification It’s been a week since we introduced the ducklings to the pond. Since then the big ducks have learned to tolerate the new ducklings and the babies have learned how to hold their ground. The other night I figured they were doing so well together on the pond that... Read more »

Feathered Babies Update

Feathered Babies Update I spent the most glorious hour this evening sitting at the edge of the duck pond, sun dipping lower in the sky, with a glass of wine and my book. It was like a mini vacation relaxing away from work and the phone, watching the baby ducks negotiate their place among the... Read more »

New to the Pond

New to the Pond Three weeks after Puddles and Gabby joined the farm we introduced them to the big ducks. The ducks didn’t exactly throw out the welcome mat for them. Hera tried her best to chase the ducklings out of the pond. Then Oscar joined the fray. When they’d had... Read more »

Duckling’s First Dip

Duckling’s First Dip It was a stupendously beautiful day here – perfect for the new ducklings first swim. Here are Puddles and Gabby testing out the water in my rubber tote. This swimming thing takes a little getting used to. They weren’t too sure about the whole experience.... Read more »

Cute in a Bucket (Squared)

Cute in a Bucket (Squared) Check out the little cuties who joined the farm today! We picked these little baby Pekin ducklings up from the local feed store today. We’ve eagerly awaited their arrival so we could give broody Dilly some babies – a reward for sitting on her nonproductive... Read more »

The Ducks Have New Digs!

The Ducks Have New Digs! The ducks have finally moved out of the garage brooder and into their permanent digs. One month old and they’ve left home. This little structure was the house and run for our first batch of meat chickens. We came to the realization that the meat chickens did not... Read more »

Oscar Got His Quack

Oscar Got His Quack Oscar got his quack! Quackers is close and the other two have a little catching up to do. Exciting stuff. I harvested the rest of my garlic today so I was able to expand their temporary play area in my garden. This gave us room to set up a bigger swimming pool for... Read more »

Ducklings in the Garden

Ducklings in the Garden Meet our ducklings! Today I harvested half of my garlic crop. In the empty space I erected a temporary enclosure for the ducks and covered it with deer netting so they would be safe from hawks. Now that they are out of the brooder we noticed that Dilly’s legs... Read more »

Shy Week Old Ducklings

Shy Week Old Ducklings Our baby ducklings are one week old today! They are the silliest little things. When I stop by to take a peek at them they tend to huddle up together in the corner. They’re quite shy. Their favorite past time is chasing flies around their brooder. They have the... Read more »

Baby Ducklings!

Baby Ducklings! Look who moved in today! Four baby Pekin ducklings have taken up temporary residence in our garage. These little babies are all Paul’s doing. He tells me that duck eggs are beyond wonderful. Growing up he had two Pekin ducks – Oscar and Susan. We’re... Read more »

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