Garnet Fields

Garnet Fields When the splendor of the maples has dimmed and the oaks and aspens alone give color to the landscape, there are the barrens. Magnificent, garnet-colored blueberry fields sweeping to the horizon.... Read more »

Autumn Dawning

Autumn Dawning Autumn arrived two weeks ago with little fanfare. Despite lovely warm days, the nights have been downright cold. Every morning this week I’ve sat in the car waiting for the defroster to melt the frost on the windshield, too lazy to dig out the ice scraper. While... Read more »

November Barrens

November Barrens November’s autumn colors are eye-popping right now, so rich and vibrant. Only the oak leaves cling to their branches while the Hackmatack needles turn golden – the perfect contrast to the crimson blueberry barrens. This morning’s sunrise cast a warm... Read more »

Autumn Barrens

Autumn Barrens This is one of my favorite views in Downeast Maine – Chandler Bay from the Mason Bay Road in Jonesport. It doesn’t matter what the weather, the view of the ocean across the blueberry barrens, is always spectacular. I think the blueberry barrens are their... Read more »

Shades of Autumn

Shades of Autumn As October comes to a close, here are a few of my favorite autumn photos from the month. Full color on the Mill River Wounded wing In transition Glorious maple Autumn on the East Machias River Serendipitous sun flowers Lingering butterfly Brilliant autumn barren The... Read more »

Frosty October Morning

Frosty October Morning It was a scrape your windows kind of frosty October morning today. I hate scraping my windows so I opted to wait for the defroster to work as I read Hannah’s low tech version of texting. She wanted to make certain that I did not forget to bring goodies to tonight’s... Read more »

An Autumn Outing

An Autumn Outing Today was an idyllic autumn day – puffy white clouds, crisp, blustery wind, and not a drop of rain in sight. We celebrated the season with a trip to Treworgy Orchards in Levant, Maine, just Northwest of Bangor. This is a destination farm. There’s the... Read more »

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