January Thaw

January Thaw A January thaw has descended on the region. Temps in the 50s paired with high winds and torrential rains have all but washed away the snow and ice. When the rain tapered off today it felt almost balmy outside so Hannah and I headed to the beach for a walk –... Read more »

A Passing Snow Squall

A Passing Snow Squall It was a balmy 32 degrees Downeast today – a most welcome change from the sub zero temps that have lingered.  Traveling the roads the past few days has been harrowing.  Snow on top of ice is never fun.  Today, rich with sunshine, gave the crews a chance to clean... Read more »

A Season’s End

A Season’s End As has become our tradition as the Christmas season ends, our Charlie Brown tree has another chance to bring a bit more joy.  Hannah helped me bring it outdoors – strategically placed outside one of the living room windows.  I dipped apple slices and pine cones... Read more »

Snow Day Aftermath

Snow Day Aftermath Plan for the worst and hope for the best. That’s what we were thinking going into this snow storm. At moments it was wild with blizzardy snow whipping around. The wildlife was a bit nervous gathering food while they could. I haven’t seen Goldfinches at the... Read more »

I Love a Good Snow Day

I Love a Good Snow Day Bombogenesis. The word alone sounds ominous. The forecast is enough to have us all planning for a snow day tomorrow. We’ve had storms with more snow accumulation than is expected with this one, but hurricane force winds along with heavy snow and an astronomical... Read more »

The Benevolent Blue Whale

The Benevolent Blue Whale Whale number two in my whale series is the Benevolent Blue Whale, designed with love for my new nephew.  He’s too young to appreciate them, but I’m having fun designing them for him.  I hope you have fun with him! Right click here and select “save... Read more »

The Wondrous Sperm Whale

The Wondrous Sperm Whale When I learned that my new nephew’s bedroom was being decorated with whales, I went to work designing them. If you’ve been visiting for a while, you know that I prefer to design realistic looking ornaments. And while I tried to do this for the sperm whale,... Read more »


Treasures Just yesterday I talked about family treasures. Today I have been gifted with new treasures. A couple of years ago Paul and I took a class on carving and printmaking. He put those skills to use in his gift for me this Christmas. He created this wonderful woodblock owl... Read more »

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas All is right in my world today. Hannah is home from college. We sit snuggled on the sofa enjoying an afternoon of Patriot’s football. Cookies are baked. A Christmas eve dinner of yummy appetizers is underway. I’ve got a puppy warming my feet. It’s a... Read more »

A Late Start on Christmas

A Late Start on Christmas This year has been a rush to plan for Christmas. With Hannah away at college, I had no interest in searching for a tree on my own. Last weekend I made the trip to Ohio run to bring her home for the holidays. With just days to go, Hannah and I made our annual trek... Read more »

Eagles on a Snowy Afternoon

Eagles on a Snowy Afternoon I spied this bald eagle perched over the river today and paused for a photo. And then there were two. It’s so good to be back in Maine where the traffic is slow – it doesn’t matter if I stop the car in the middle of the road for a photo... Read more »

Christmas Red

Christmas Red As I was cruising about Downeast this week, I couldn’t help but notice the pops of red in the landscape. The snow created a wonderful backdrop for this winter berry tree. And the winter berry shrubs that tend to grow along the highway. A red lobster boat.... Read more »

The Season’s First Snow

The Season’s First Snow It’s official. We’re in winter mode. This was the sight greeting us this morning. We spent yesterday procrastinating, only moving into winter prep when the first flakes began to fall. Yard clear of stuff; check. Snow shovels distributed to all doors;... Read more »

Addicted to Christmas Wreaths

Addicted to Christmas Wreaths I admit it. I’ve become a bit addicted to decorating Christmas wreaths. It started with my Whooo’s Home for Christmas wreath. Then we had some extra undercoated wreaths from our WHRL Christmas Tree Festival that I felt compelled to do something with. This... Read more »

A Patriotic Christmas

A Patriotic Christmas Our Christmas Tree Festival and Auction at the WHRL is but a memory except for the cleanup. This year’s tree was inspired by an Adirondack chair we had leftover from our “Chairity” auction this summer.  Paul said he wanted to paint it up for us and I... Read more »

An Upcycled Pallet Tree

An Upcycled Pallet Tree It’s Christmas Tree Festival time here in town. The past few years I decorated trees with my owls, birds, and woodland critters. I’d planned to follow in that theme, but just didn’t have the time and was in the mood to do something different (I did... Read more »

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