Friday Distractions

Friday Distractions I love Fridays. They are my work from home day. I can wake without the alarm and roll out of bed to enjoy coffee at my desk. My routine involves a pattern of working and puttering, working and puttering. My puttering might be doing the dishes, laundry, taking Gidget... Read more »

Garden of Neglect

Garden of Neglect I always start the gardening season with such hope.  This year, so many things interfered with my gardening motivation. I overextended on both the work and volunteer fronts. At the same time, I didn’t want to miss any of Hannah’s senior activities. Throw in multiple... Read more »

Pipers Under Pressure

Pipers Under Pressure The sun was shining when I left my house for the beach with Paul in tow. In the twenty minute drive (and one ice cream stop), the skies turned dark. A spot rainstorm followed us to the beach leaving it empty. I’d timed our visit a couple of hours after high tide... Read more »

Better in Black and White

Better in Black and White A longtime friend photo challenged me on Facebook. The task was for seven days to share a black and white photo of your life. No people. No explanation. It was fun revisiting my pictures, testing which ones look good in black and white; many did not. Others are... Read more »

Mother and Daughter Memories

Mother and Daughter Memories Hannah and I have a tradition of taking mother/daughter selfies on our outings. I love the memories that stir when looking back those pictures. It hardly seems possible that just a year ago we were launching into Hannah’s senior year. At the time, I was in... Read more »

I Get It

I Get It I am very lucky to have a super mom. In all my adult years, we’ve only spent a few of those within easy travel distance of each other. Whether I lived near or far, she is always thinking of me – and the rest of her family. When she is out and about, it’s always with... Read more »

Summer of the Monarch

Summer of the Monarch This summer’s fascination with Monarch butterflies jump started with our visit to the Rhoades Butterfly Garden in early July. Luring Monarchs to my garden has been on my mind for a while. I planted Milkweed seeds in May. They’re growing strong in pots on my... Read more »

She’s Off!

She’s Off! The day I’ve been counting down to and dreading finally arrived; Hannah is off to college. And there’s a big fat hole in my heart. Snape (aka Boo) the cat delayed our 5:30 am start; he was determined to avoid the goodbye hug.  Hannah made it through the... Read more »

Bog Brook Cove Revisited

Bog Brook Cove Revisited With just two days left before Hannah heads off to college, we spent the morning revisiting Bog Brook Cove. It’s hard to believe that it’s been five years since our first hike here – seems like yesterday. The fog rolled away from the coast just as we... Read more »

Focus on Fireweed

Focus on Fireweed In August, Fireweed paints the Downeast landscape a vibrant purply pink. The tall spires are laden with elegant, delicate little flowers. Turns out that this afternoon I’m not the only one interested in Fireweed on the side of the... Read more »

Playing Hookey with Hannah

Playing Hookey with Hannah Hannah’s pre-college punch list included the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens. When Wednesday’s weather looked beautiful, she talked me into playing hookey with her and make the three-hour trip to Boothbay. The weather was picture perfect for exploring. ... Read more »

Bog Brook Cove Bluff

Bog Brook Cove Bluff A couple of years ago, Hannah and I hiked one of the Bog Brook Cove trails in Trescott. I remember discovering a lovely cove inhabited by seals at the end of the trail. On the bluffs above the beach sat perched a gray weathered shingle home. Tonight I had the chance... Read more »

Evening Walk on the Sunrise

Evening Walk on the Sunrise Hannah and I both spent the day working. Come dinner time, we felt the need to get outdoors and enjoy this beautiful day. We headed to Machias, parked and walked a few miles on the Sunrise Trail. The trail meanders along the river on one side. The other side of the... Read more »


Eighteen She’s 18 today. In the blink of an eye, she’s grown up. No longer is she the shy little girl who did her best not to stand out – all the while marching to her own tune. Hannah is a woman with young, yet strong convictions and ideals. I couldn’t... Read more »

Monarch Caterpillar Becomes a Chrysalis

Monarch Caterpillar Becomes a Chrysalis Yesterday was a lucky day for me. I was working at home day on website projects when I noticed one of the caterpillars Hannah and I have been raising hanging from the bottom of a leaf. I set my iPhone timer at 30-minute intervals to remind me to check on it throughout... Read more »

The Lobster Chair

The Lobster Chair The WHRL’s summer fundraising auction held over the weekend had a new feature this year. In addition to the raffle-style auction, we had a “Chair-ity” silent auction. Local artists decorated folding Adirondack chairs that were then auctioned. Paul,... Read more »

The Dancing Moose

The Dancing Moose The summer season is short here along the coast of Maine. For me, doesn’t feel as if summer is in full-swing until Milbridge Days, our community celebration. It’s a fun couple of days during which I seem to always be working – be it the the 5K, the... Read more »

Macros and Milkweed

Macros and Milkweed The Monarch caterpillars are getting quite big. This morning I gave them a new sprig of milkweed. By this evening, they’d eaten all but the stock. I had two new stems of milkweed left in a mason jar on the counter from last weekend. As I prepared them for the... Read more »

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