Too Short a Visit

Too Short a Visit At last! I finally got Hannah home from college for a glorious week. I made the three day round trip drive (13 hours of driving per day) to Ohio to pick her up and bring her home. We packed a lot into six days at home – shopping, movie theater, a hike, a beach... Read more »

Better in Black and White

Better in Black and White A longtime friend photo challenged me on Facebook. The task was for seven days to share a black and white photo of your life. No people. No explanation. It was fun revisiting my pictures, testing which ones look good in black and white; many did not. Others are... Read more »

The Lobster Chair

The Lobster Chair The WHRL’s summer fundraising auction held over the weekend had a new feature this year. In addition to the raffle-style auction, we had a “Chair-ity” silent auction. Local artists decorated folding Adirondack chairs that were then auctioned. Paul,... Read more »

Sunrise and Sea Smoke

Sunrise and Sea Smoke This was the sunrise over the Pleasant River in Columbia Falls this morning. Crossing the bridge, for just a moment, the sun shone through the sea smoke with this other-worldly glow. It was -10 degrees Fahrenheit when I snapped this at 7 am with my Canon. Here is the... Read more »

Snow Day No. 1

Snow Day No. 1 Did you know there’s such a thing as a Snow Day Calculator online that predicts the chance of school being cancelled? With snow in the forecast, the kids were checking this every hour yesterday hoping and praying for a snow day today. I admit that I was kind of... Read more »

Out, Damned Snake!

Out, Damned Snake! All summer long this little snake has been lying in wait for me on the porch stoop. He stalks me, incognito on the edge of the cement step, for that perfect moment to startle me. This morning, our first serious jacket day of autumn, he did it again. After my initial... Read more »

Nesting Osprey

Nesting Osprey It’s days like this when I’m so grateful that I dragged my camera along with me during my travels. Inevitably, when I don’t have my camera, I come across the most wonderful sights. On my drive to Cutler, Maine this morning I noticed a platform... Read more »

Swimming on the Blueberry Barrens

Swimming on the Blueberry Barrens The melting of a significant amount of snow is creating ponds where they ought not to be found. At first glance, these American Black Ducks look to be enjoying a quiet swim on a local pond. When they’re really enjoying a makeshift pond in the middle of the... Read more »

Cabin Fever Trouble

Cabin Fever Trouble Longing to be outdoors today, I strapped on the only remaining pair of snowshoes we have that are whole. I took off at a very slow pace into the woods, testing the snow. The snowshoes are too small for both me and the deep snow we have, but they seemed to be doing the... Read more »

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