The Lonesome Lobster

The Lonesome Lobster This lobster pattern has been a long time coming. It took me numerous starts before I was happy with the pattern. The challenge is in how narrow the legs are – there’s not a lot of substance to them. I wonder what would happen with pipe cleaners for legs?... Read more »

The Bodacious Beaver

The Bodacious Beaver During my travels Downeast I’ve seen many beaver lodges – the pile of sticks peeking out of an estuary, pond or marsh. On occasion, I watched a beaver swim along, but I’ve never seen one actively working on their home. Yet it’s clear that... Read more »

Downeast Thunder Farm Boo Kitty

Downeast Thunder Farm Boo Kitty When putting up our Christmas tree last month, Hannah pointed out that we have Ginger, Gidget, and Cinder ornaments, but no Boo. So, Snape (aka Boo) makes it on the tree the last day before we take the tree down until next Christmas. Meet Boo Kitty! Right-click this... Read more »

The Rambunctious River Otter

The Rambunctious River Otter Occasionally I see a river otter frolicking around the river bank. Their tracks in the snow are very curious because of the long, thick tail they drag behind them. It almost looks as if they like to slide along the snow rather than walk – although there’s... Read more »

Gracie the Border Collie

Gracie the Border Collie Gracie was a sweet Border Collie rescued by friends some years ago. She enjoyed a loving, happy home in her senior years, but sadly passed away this fall. I designed this ornament to honor Gracie. While this pattern was designed to match Gracie’s marking, you... Read more »

The Charming Chipmunk

The Charming Chipmunk Who doesn’t find a chipmunk charming? There’s been one squatting under the little crate on my stoop. When I open the door, he scurries by, startling me every time. With this cold weather coming, he’s seemingly got this sights set on moving in! enjoy.... Read more »

The Regal Reindeer

The Regal Reindeer As the weather begins to turn colder, my thoughts are jumping ahead to holiday projects. Yes, I know – it’s not yet Halloween but a reindeer is definitely in order! Enjoy! Right-click here and select “save target as” to save this printable... Read more »

The Lively Sea Otter

The Lively Sea Otter Hannah provided the inspiration for this Sea Otter when she shared with me pictures of Sea Otters with frolicking with their babies. This little otter can snuggle a sea otter pup, or a clam shell. I provide both with this pattern. Hannah went to the beach with me... Read more »

The Watchful Wolf

The Watchful Wolf The Wolf is possibly my most requested pattern. It’s also the pattern that I’ve struggled over more than any other. Wolves come in so many shades and markings – there’s no one “right” pattern. This is the third wolf I’ve... Read more »

Myrtle the Sea Turtle

Myrtle the Sea Turtle The Sea Turtle is one of Hannah’s favorite creatures, so I designed this critter for her. Paul dubbed her “Myrtle the Turtle”. I took Myrtle to the beach today for a photo shoot; the lure of the ocean is strong. See that wave rolling up the beach?... Read more »

The Gentle Garden Mouse

The Gentle Garden Mouse I had company working in the greenhouse yesterday. A little garden mouse has taken up residence. Probably spent the whole winter in there. Probably had babies in there. He didn’t seem to mind sharing the space with me. Although my screech did seem to startle him... Read more »

The Sassy Sheep

The Sassy Sheep I had more fun planning this little ewe. The inspiration came from a sheep wall hanging that appeared in the office last week. Rather than using felt for this girl, I scoured the house for something that would give the body a wooly texture – fleece, boiled wool,... Read more »

The Kindly Koala

The Kindly Koala When I was a teeny-bopper we lived in Friedburg, Germany. My father, an Army officer, was stationed there for three years. During that tour of duty, an Australian soldier visited with us for a time. When he departed for home, he gifted me with a stuffed Koala.... Read more »

The Spunky Skunk

The Spunky Skunk No woodland creature collection would be complete without a skunk. I was always a bit amused by skunks, if not their smell. Early on, Paul taught Hannah and me Arlo Guthrie’s song “There’s a Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road” which we sing... Read more »

The Peaceful Panda

The Peaceful Panda Looking for something “easy” to work on this weekend, I thought I’d stick with the bear theme after finishing the Great Grizzly.  I saw my first Panda during a visit to the National Zoo in the late 70s when I was just a teen. A trip to the same zoo... Read more »

The Great Grizzly

The Great Grizzly This Great Grizzly, along with the Bashful Black Bear and the Fearless Polar Bear, rounds out my collection of North American bears. You won’t find him in Maine, but he’ll make a good addition to your critter collection. To download this printable Grizzly... Read more »

A Welsh Corgi Named Oji

A Welsh Corgi Named Oji Oji was a wonderful rescue Welsh Corgi my friends adopted three or four years ago. He was lively and playful and was a wonderful companion for them. When Oji died after being hit by a car last month, Chris said that all the joy seemed to leave their house. After... Read more »

The Bruno Sheltie Ornament

The Bruno Sheltie Ornament My nephew and his fiance have their first apartment together – and their first Christmas tree. Their “baby” is Bruno the Mini Sheltie, so their tree now sports a Bruno ornament. This pattern was specifically designed to match Bruno’s markings.... Read more »

Downeast Thunder Farm Kitty

Downeast Thunder Farm Kitty Our Christmas tree went up this year with my Much Loved Ginger and Gidget Puppy ornaments on it. It didn’t seem fair that the kitties weren’t represented, so I created this pattern with Cinder as the subject. She’s the only one who will sit long... Read more »

A Gidget Puppy Ornament

A Gidget Puppy Ornament A Gidget Puppy will grace our Christmas tree this year along with a Much Loved Ginger Beast ornament. If only there was a way I could depict her in constant puppy motion! To save this PDF Yorkie pattern to your computer, right click on this link and select “Save... Read more »

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