Treasures Just yesterday I talked about family treasures. Today I have been gifted with new treasures. A couple of years ago Paul and I took a class on carving and printmaking. He put those skills to use in his gift for me this Christmas. He created this wonderful woodblock owl... Read more »

A Cat In Need of Love

A Cat In Need of Love When Hannah left for college in August, the toughest part of leaving home for her was leaving Snape, aka Boo, behind. While we have two cats and a dog, Hannah is Boo’s human. Since Hannah’s departure, Snape has moved into our room taking up permanent... Read more »

Mother and Daughter Memories

Mother and Daughter Memories Hannah and I have a tradition of taking mother/daughter selfies on our outings. I love the memories that stir when looking back those pictures. It hardly seems possible that just a year ago we were launching into Hannah’s senior year. At the time, I was in... Read more »

I Get It

I Get It I am very lucky to have a super mom. In all my adult years, we’ve only spent a few of those within easy travel distance of each other. Whether I lived near or far, she is always thinking of me – and the rest of her family. When she is out and about, it’s always with... Read more »

She’s Off!

She’s Off! The day I’ve been counting down to and dreading finally arrived; Hannah is off to college. And there’s a big fat hole in my heart. Snape (aka Boo) the cat delayed our 5:30 am start; he was determined to avoid the goodbye hug.  Hannah made it through the... Read more »


Eighteen She’s 18 today. In the blink of an eye, she’s grown up. No longer is she the shy little girl who did her best not to stand out – all the while marching to her own tune. Hannah is a woman with young, yet strong convictions and ideals. I couldn’t... Read more »

The Dancing Moose

The Dancing Moose The summer season is short here along the coast of Maine. For me, doesn’t feel as if summer is in full-swing until Milbridge Days, our community celebration. It’s a fun couple of days during which I seem to always be working – be it the the 5K, the... Read more »

Showing Off Pigeon Hill

Showing Off Pigeon Hill My folks made the trip from Pennsylvania for Hannah’s high school graduation. Their visit was short and we didn’t have a lot of free time, but I did my best to give them a snapshot of my Maine. For Mom, outdoors activities include her home and garden. Dad... Read more »

Creating Memories

Creating Memories I’m not a foodie and you’ll find more “oops” stories here at Downeast Thunder Farm than you will recipes. In planning for Hannah’s graduation celebration, I found these little graduation cap cupcakes on Pinterest. They looked pretty... Read more »


Graduation! It’s been a wildly crazy couple of weeks. Watching Hannah wrap up her high school career has been bitter-sweet. Happy for her accomplishments, and sad that this chapter of her life is winding down. Prom, senior night, class night, and finally graduation today.... Read more »

Full-circle with Beauty and the Beast

Full-circle with Beauty and the Beast The movie Beauty and the Beast has a special place in my heart and in our family. Hannah has never been an over the top girly-girl. As a kid, she enjoyed Legos more than dolls. She was never into princesses but rather thought she’d be a firefighter. Yet there... Read more »

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! I sit here on a rainy Christmas Eve with my family watching Scrooge wondering where the time has gone. Didn’t I just put away last year’s Christmas decorations? The house smells yummy – cookies, cheesecake, munchies, bread, pineapple stuffing, and... Read more »

In Denial

In Denial I’ve been pretending that this school year is like any other. Going through the motions, trying to ignore the milestones that bring Hannah closer to going off to college. Take senior portraits for example. Since summer, I’ve watched portrait after portrait... Read more »

A First Last

A First Last Hannah’s senior year started in September. At the beginning of the year, she spoke often about first “lasts”, marking somewhat inconsequential milestones in this final year of high school. Her “last” first day of school. Her... Read more »


Seventeen Seventeen years ago, I welcomed this child into the world. Who knew then that this journey with Hannah would be the very best part of my life? She’s experienced so many milestones this last year that illustrate she’s not my little girl anymore, but an... Read more »

Anniversary No. 19

Anniversary No. 19 You know that your life has become too crazy and overwhelming when it takes an email from your father’s friend, Bob, wishing you a Happy Anniversary to realize it’s your wedding anniversary. It’s a good thing Bob cc’d Paul on this message too... Read more »

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! The wrapping is finished. I’ve got a good start on Christmas breakfast and dinner. The house looks somewhat presentable. I’m feeling conflicted – grateful Christmas is a once a year event – and sad that I’ve not had more time to enjoy the... Read more »

Gidget’s First Christmas Tree Hunt

Gidget’s First Christmas Tree Hunt The first weekend in December is when we pick out and harvest our Christmas tree. Every year Hannah and I engage in a debate over the best tree. She likes fat and full, I like thinner with a bit of space between the branches for ornaments to hang. As fun as it can be... Read more »

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