Mergansers on the River

Mergansers on the River A lull between appointments gave me the chance to pause and enjoy watching a couple of Common Mergansers floating down the Narraguagus River. I call moments like this “drive by shootings” – serendipitous photos taken from the comfort of the car.... Read more »

Morning Frost

Morning Frost A couple of degrees below freezing this morning as I ventured out for my day. I relented and dug out a jacket and gloves and then sat in the car watching the sun rise over the trees waiting for my windshield to defrost. How pretty a morning frost can... Read more »

Macros and Milkweed

Macros and Milkweed The Monarch caterpillars are getting quite big. This morning I gave them a new sprig of milkweed. By this evening, they’d eaten all but the stock. I had two new stems of milkweed left in a mason jar on the counter from last weekend. As I prepared them for the... Read more »

A Macro View

A Macro View Last week I splurged and spent $19 on a macro lens for my iPhone. I figured that it would be an inexpensive way to begin experimenting with close up photos of my Monarch caterpillars. I’ve played around with the lens a bit with various results. Once clipping the... Read more »

Enchanted by a Frosty Morning

Enchanted by a Frosty Morning Gidget was taking her time when I took her outside the other morning. While I dawdled with her, I began to notice the frost. Silly, I know. Yet, ten minutes later I’d snapped numerous iPhone pictures of frosty plants. It started with the clover. Then I noticed... Read more »

From the Top of Waggoner’s Gap

From the Top of Waggoner’s Gap Hannah and I are in Pennsylvania for a quick college exploration visit and Hannah’s first college interview. This afternoon, I took Hannah to Waggoner’s Gap where dad took me a few of years ago. The sun was in the wrong spot for good photos, but for a... Read more »

Field of Gold

Field of Gold We made a whirlwind visit to Massachusetts this weekend to visit the last of the colleges on Hannah’s list of schools. She now has one big yes and a few backup schools. It’s been fun watching her explore the possibilities and learn more about what makes... Read more »

From My Window

From My Window I work from home a couple of days a week. The bulk of that time I’m glued to my computer, the time passing without notice. Yet, there are those moments when I wander to the kitchen for coffee or chase down a too quiet puppy, and I find myself distracted by the... Read more »

Blame it On the Moon

Blame it On the Moon Blame it on the moon. That’s what I said when I arrived to work later than planned this morning. When I saw the full moon behind the mist over frosty barrens, I had to pull over and take about five dozen pictures of the exact same view. This evening, I attended... Read more »

Dandelion Seeds

Dandelion Seeds I love patterns. I see them everywhere in nature – in the clouds, in the marsh grass, in the boat-shaped petals of a Lupin, in winter’s drifts of snow. And in dandelion blowballs. At first glance, it’s just another weed gone to seed. I have a lot of... Read more »

Snow Rolling In

Snow Rolling In Thursdays are spent at the Women’s Health Resource Library in Milbridge. This is the view of the Narraguagus River from the window this morning. Another round of snow moving in, eclipsing the sunrise.   Thankfully this will just bring a few inches rather than... Read more »

Shades of Autumn

Shades of Autumn As October comes to a close, here are a few of my favorite autumn photos from the month. Full color on the Mill River Wounded wing In transition Glorious maple Autumn on the East Machias River Serendipitous sun flowers Lingering butterfly Brilliant autumn barren The... Read more »

I Think I’m Addicted

I Think I’m Addicted I think I’m addicted to photographing birds. Paul and Hannah had a bird theme going for my Christmas gifts. I received four new feeders and a Birds of Maine field guide the other day. Paul helped me hang three of the feeders. One we’ve simply tucked into... Read more »

Nesting Robin

Nesting Robin I don’t see many Robins at my house. That’s probably because I don’t really have a lawn. I’m hopeful that someday I will have a tiny patch that might require mowing instead of scrub and clover. While here in Pennsylvania I’ve enjoyed the... Read more »

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