No New Feeder Goes Untested

No New Feeder Goes Untested Mom (aka Granny Gadget) sent this new bird feeder to me. I finally had the chance to fill it and put it up yesterday. Since the ground is frozen I couldn’t rig a pole for it, so I opted to hang it from the trunk of a young tree. The birds love it. It look just a... Read more »

Incredible Edible Breakfast Sandwich Machine

Incredible Edible Breakfast Sandwich Machine This incredible edible breakfast sandwich machine is brought to us by Granny Gadget. She sent Hannah this Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker. We’ve had fun testing it out. This little gadget is very fun. Hannah said that it makes “the best breakfast... Read more »

Leopard Print Kinda Girl

Leopard Print Kinda Girl This isn’t a fashion blog, but I couldn’t let this pass. A package arrived from Mom today (aka Granny Gadget). Now and again Mom will surprise me with little goodies – a pretty scarf, a blingy purse, fun earrings, etc. She knows that I don’t... Read more »

Home Grown Pizza Herb Mix

Home Grown Pizza Herb Mix Saturday night is Pizza Night at Downeast Thunder Farm. I get in big trouble when I mix things up and don’t serve Pizza on Saturday – Paul and Hannah have come to count on Saturday homemade pizza. A key ingredient to pizza is the herb mix that goes in the... Read more »

The Ultimate Granny Gadget Gift

The Ultimate Granny Gadget Gift My cameras have always been point and shoot. Recently, I told Mom that my next camera would be a digital SLR. Shortly after that conversation I received an email from Amazon – a Canon Rebel EOS T3i had been shipped to me, courtesy of Granny (and Papa) Gadget.... Read more »

De-Seeding a Pomegranate

De-Seeding a Pomegranate I spent the week after Thanksgiving with my folks in Pennsylvania. As I was packing up the night before returning to Maine, Mom presented me with the 60 Second Pomegranate De-Seeder and said, “You can’t leave without something from Granny Gadget.” I do love... Read more »

Introducing Granny Gadget

Introducing Granny Gadget Blessed am I to have a wonderful mother. Although I am 40-something and live 13 hours away, Mom still does her best to take care of me. Daily phone calls, care packages, emergency cash, surprise gifts just because; the list goes on. I have always been a very practical... Read more »

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