The Beginning of a Friendship?

The Beginning of a Friendship? This morning, with little fanfare, I spied Gidget and Cinder sharing the same space. No  barking, no hissing. This is a first! Miss Kitty submitted to gentle sniffing and snuffling. Their tiny little noses gently touched. Might this be the beginning of a friendship?... Read more »

That Dog!

That Dog! It’s safe to say, that dog will eat anything. And everything. This morning, as I was gearing up to clean, the roll of paper towels fell off the counter and off she went. She had a grand old time trying to keep away from me. Unfortunately, it’s not the... Read more »

A New Normal

A New Normal It’s hard to believe that Gidget has been with us for four months now. This little ball of fluff with the perpetually bad hair day is closing in on seven pounds. Despite her mini size, the vet says she’s on the pudgy side, so we’ve had to scale back... Read more »

Those Ears!

Those Ears! Hannah and I hoped that Gidget would keep her floppy ears. However, at 14 weeks, it’s pretty obvious that isn’t going to be the case. She’s got this one ear up, one ear down thing going on – it’s as if she’s saluting. It’s... Read more »

A Cute Battle of Wills

A Cute Battle of Wills This is one of my favorite pictures of Gidget. As she was sleeping, I tip-toed over and just as I snapped the pic with my iPhone, her eyes popped open. Ten weeks old today, Gidget is staging a coop. She thinks her cuteness is a trump card allowing her to rule the... Read more »

Gidget at 8 Weeks

Gidget at 8 Weeks Although still a young puppy who sleeps a lot, Gidget has moments where her personality has begun to shine. Here’s a peak at her playful side with belly rubs. And a short video clip featuring Gidget. Enjoy,... Read more »

Meet Gidget!

Meet Gidget! Following what seems like the two longest weeks of our lives, Paul and I drove to Augusta to pick up Gidget and bring her home yesterday. As Paul says, “She’s impossibly cute.” He hadn’t met her before, but he fell instantly in love with this... Read more »

A Cat’s Spot

A Cat’s Spot Have you ever noticed how cats like to sit on a “spot?” These random spots are kitty magnets. The spot may be a newspaper sitting on the floor. A dish towel that’s fallen off the counter. A t-shirt left on the bed. A box lid sitting on the floor. A... Read more »

Snape Gets the Boot

Snape Gets the Boot This morning, I found Snape (a.k.a. Boo-Boo Bear) parked outside Hannah’s door, waiting. Hannah always leaves her door open a crack to allow Boo to wander in and out. Boo loves Hannah; she’s his human. So, a closed door can only mean one thing – Boo... Read more »

I Smell a Rat

I Smell a Rat This morning the kitties were intently focused on something out the window. Upon closer inspection I found the source of their fascination. Letting the kitties outside could be the answer to our rat problem. (Do you see the rat standing against the porch post?) Truth... Read more »

Silhouette of Purfessor Snape

Silhouette of Purfessor Snape Purfessor Snape in silhouette on a snowy day studying the goings on outside. Once a feral kitten, I hope he’s thinking how lucky he is to be on the inside looking out during this blizzard and how fortunate he is to have us as his humans. In all reality... Read more »

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