Garden of Neglect

Garden of Neglect I always start the gardening season with such hope.  This year, so many things interfered with my gardening motivation. I overextended on both the work and volunteer fronts. At the same time, I didn’t want to miss any of Hannah’s senior activities. Throw in multiple... Read more »

On the First Day of Spring

On the First Day of Spring This was my greenhouse at the height of winter. The snow on the roof makes it look a bit lopsided, but the greenhouse stood strong to February’s heavy snow. It scares me to think of what little beings were taking refuge in there. Yesterday, on the first day of... Read more »

Pushing Tomatoes

Pushing Tomatoes This year, the garden tomatoes are so prolific that it looks a bit like Christmas in the greenhouse. Those little red gems are like ornaments on a tree. One evening walk through of the greenhouse yielded this bucket tomatoes, plus a few cucumbers. Needless to say,... Read more »

How does your garden grow?

How does your garden grow? Although I’ve paid my garden little attention since planted, it seems to be growing strong. As are the weeds! I’ve managed to keep the weeds in the beds to a minimum, but between the beds is another matter. Still, there are hits a misses here and there. This... Read more »

Still Standing

Still Standing Sprinter. I didn’t coin the term, but it fits the weather we’ve had lately. Winter one minute, spring-like the next. The switch from below zero to 50 degree temps in just 24 hours was enough to spur some wild weather. Earlier in the week, we battled... Read more »

Cleaning Out the Greenhouse

Cleaning Out the Greenhouse The day was sunny and cool, a high of 60. Yet, inside the greenhouse, even with the door and a vent open, the temperature was 80 degrees. I spent the afternoon in there yanking out the spent squash and cucumber plants and cleaned up the beds. Despite the fact that we... Read more »

Monster Garlic

Monster Garlic I’ve grown garlic for almost as many years as I’ve lived in Maine. It’s one of those veggies that I consistently have good luck with. Last October, I planted just shy of 90 cloves in two of my hugelkulture beds where I grew cucumbers and pumpkins... Read more »

Garden Beauty and Challenges

Garden Beauty and Challenges A burst of consistent 70s during the day the past few days has helped to nudge my garden along. Beauty is taking hold in the garden – at the same time I’m challenged with pests. There is beauty to be found in the ordinary. Like these tomato blossoms.... Read more »

Greenhouse Tomatoes and Cukes

Greenhouse Tomatoes and Cukes Today is the beginning of an experiment in the new greenhouse. Inspired by a photo on Pinterest, I started cucumber seeds in hanging pots. These are suspended from a shower rod fastened over one of the beds. In order to give the cucumber vines support, Paul fashioned... Read more »

Saturday in the Garden

Saturday in the Garden It’s been a most unusual spring and beginning of summer. The days have been cool – we’ve been lucky to break 70 degrees and the nights have been downright cold. Typically at this time of year we’ve got the windows open 24/7. Lately, if we open... Read more »

A New Perspective on Lupine

A New Perspective on Lupine I’ve had fun this afternoon with this new perspective in photographing lupine in the garden. There’s something very compelling about the patterns of the blossoms. The bees pull open the lupine petals with their front legs and all but climb in to feast.... Read more »

Purple Blossoms

Purple Blossoms Purple is the color of the day in my garden. A carpet of phlox appeals to chicken little. The lupin is in full glorious bloom, attracting big, fat, bumbling, bumble bees who shy away from my attention, and the less flashy honey bees who are single-minded about their... Read more »

Planting in the Greenhouse

Planting in the Greenhouse This weekend we labored on the greenhouse. And I do mean labored. Neither Paul nor I can move without whining. While we’re still not finished, the top and sides are in place and fastened down – no small feat given the breezy conditions. It was like... Read more »

Holy Tomatoes!

Holy Tomatoes! “Holy tomatoes!” exclaimed Hannah when she spied the result of my morning’s work. With ground prep beginning today on the greenhouse, we needed to move the garden fence to give Paul space to run the tractor. You can see the need for the fence. The... Read more »

An End of August Garden

An End of August Garden This last weekend in August found me in the garden wishing I could restart the month. I’m not ready for the growing season to wind down, especially when I’m having such great success with my hugelkulturs. I’d love another month of warm weather to... Read more »

A Bountiful Day

A Bountiful Day I love days like today – sunny summer days when the only thought on my mind is working in the garden. It’s satisfying to see the garden producing. Although, harvesting from my garden is a bit like playing Twister. It’s so wildly overgrown that... Read more »

It’s A Jungle Out There: Hugelkulture Update

It’s A Jungle Out There: Hugelkulture Update It appears that I’ve finally hit on a gardening strategy that works in my inhospitable clay soil. After a few years of playing with raised beds, my hugulkulture experiment is yielding fabulous results. My pumpkins and cucumbers are waist deep. I wasn’t... Read more »

This Weekend in My Garden

This Weekend in My Garden Snapshots from the garden this weekend… My hugulkultures are doing great. You’re looking at pumpkins, zucchini and cucumbers. In hindsight, I may have placed them a little close together and set the fence? in a little too tight. I can’t move in... Read more »

Pea Blossoms And Other Posies

Pea Blossoms And Other Posies While tending the garden today, I was struck by how sweet the pea blossoms are. Fuchsia and delicate pink. Demure white. White, that upon closer look gives way to the palest of green. And then, I got carried away. The peonies have popped. Pretty in pink. Wild daisies... Read more »

Sipping from a Bleeding Heart

Sipping from a Bleeding Heart Sometimes you don’t really know what you have in a photo until you load it onto the computer and have a closer look. I love this picture where you can actually see the bumblebee’s tongue dipping inside the flower sipping at the... Read more »

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