Dilly – A Good Duck

Dilly – A Good Duck Today is a sad day. It started out lovely with ice out on the sunny side of the pond. The ducks, Dilly, Quackers, Peep and Squeak enjoyed a first spring dip in the pond while I enjoyed the view from my chair in the shade. Yet, when it was time to bring the ducks in... Read more »

Spring Arrives in Maine

Spring Arrives in Maine Given the unseasonable beautiful weather we’ve been blessed with as of late, the first full day of spring was a rude beginning. A month since we had any measurable snowfall and today’s Snow Day No. 4 feels like a step backward in the march towards spring.... Read more »

Ice Out

Ice Out Ice out on the pond was last Sunday, March 13th. It seems that after two months of frozen water, the ducks had forgotten all about it. They are definitely creatures of habit. I was able to snatch up Dilly, our physically challenged duck, and drop her in. That’s... Read more »

Open for the Season!

Open for the Season! Arriving home from work this afternoon I marveled at what a week of warm weather has done. The pond is half melted, and the snow around one edge has disappeared. The ducks, however, had little interest in exploring the new found amusement. So I plucked a protesting... Read more »

A Good Mud Puddle

A Good Mud Puddle Today felt like Spring! Sixty and sunny, the ducks got some supervised play time outside their house. I guess you could call them puddle ducks as they were having a ball in the melting driveway. Splashing and preening, they were, feathers flying. What I can’t... Read more »

Dilly, One Annoyed Duck

Dilly, One Annoyed Duck Did you know that ducks are great complainers? Dilly is broody and unfortunately she’s made her nest by the pond and not in the duck house. She religiously sits on her eggs during the day. Come evening she’s not happy about being coaxed indoors. We were... Read more »

An Uncooperative Broody Duck

An Uncooperative Broody Duck We have another broody duck. Peep is sitting on a cluck of eggs in the duck house. Now Dilly has joined the hopeful building a nest near the pond. She’s become very serious about her efforts, sticking to her nest rain or shine. The problem is, it’s not... Read more »

My Broody Girls

My Broody Girls Meet Peep. She’s a one-year-old Pekin duck, born in our incubator last spring. She is broody and seems to be doing a good job at sticking to her nest. The only problem is, we don’t need any more ducks! We have eight – three of them boys. That fact... Read more »

Winter Ducks

Winter Ducks Not? long ago, Janet emailed and asked how the ducks were fairing this winter – that I hadn’t mentioned them lately. Well, Janet, winter is definitely not their favorite season, but our eight duckies are doing well. We got the ducks for eggs (although... Read more »

Introducing the Ducklings

Introducing the Ducklings The ducklings spent the last few days in a play yard outdoors becoming familiar with the other farm critters. Today, we introduced Peep and Squeak to the rest of flock. I expected the big ducks to chase off the babies, but for the most part the babies were ignored.... Read more »

Adventure to the Big Pond

Adventure to the Big Pond Peep and Squeak are finally getting out of the brooder and experiencing the great outdoors. We put the big ducks in their run early and let the babies explore alone. We had to coax them into the pond. It’s a lot bigger than the bathtub! Then they began to loosen... Read more »

Wandering Ducks

Wandering Ducks The ducks have provided lots of inspiration for posts lately. Broody ducks, cute ducks, new ducks. No ducks. That’s what I found when I arrived home – no ducks. Nada. After checking with Paul who said, “They were just there a little while ago,”... Read more »

An Unexpected Dip

An Unexpected Dip The baby ducks started out with a basic chick waterer. I wanted to give them a waterer where they could dunk their heads, but keep things as dry as possible. After doing a bit of research, I cut a hole in the side of a gallon milk jug. I guess I should have cut a... Read more »

A Ducky Mother’s Day

A Ducky Mother’s Day Four weeks ago, we tucked twelve duck eggs into an incubator. For 27 days Paul accepted egg duty and faithfully spritzed and turned the eggs multiple times a day. While in Pennsylvania for Mother’s Day weekend with my mom, I received a phone call on Saturday to... Read more »

Two Drakes is One Too Many!

Two Drakes is One Too Many! With a flock of four female ducks, two frisky drakes are a bit too much for them. And particularly for Dilly, our physically challenged duck. We are looking for a new home for Puddles. Puddles is a Pekin drake, almost one-year old. He’s a good duck – very... Read more »

Ducks In a Row

Ducks In a Row Do you have your ducks in a row? I do. Until a few days ago they had never ventured into the drive, choosing to stick the the area right around the pond (still frozen in the background above). Tonight, I looked out the window and saw them hightailing it down the road.... Read more »

For the Love of Ducks

For the Love of Ducks Yesterday morning, Hannah set her alarm for o’dark-thirty. By 6:15 a.m. she was out at the pond chipping away at the ice to make a swimming hole for the ducks. She worked at this for 30 minutes before the school bus arrived. I wonder how much longer this display... Read more »

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