Hairy Woodpecker

Hairy Woodpecker After a morning of planting garlic (100 cloves), I enjoyed hanging out on the porch photographing this hairy woodpecker. The feeder visitors have been mostly of the blue jay and morning dove variety. I didn’t fill the feeders for much of the summer – the... Read more »

Hummingbird Feeder Cleaning

Hummingbird Feeder Cleaning I hate cleaning my hummingbird feeders, but I do it every weekend. I’ve read it should be done more often, but my time during the week is so limited that I fail. I tend to not fill them very full so the birds run out of sugar water before they should be cleaned.... Read more »

The Boys Are Back

The Boys Are Back It’s been ten days now since they’ve returned – the boys of summer, aka the male hummingbirds. As I enjoyed coffee on the porch this weekend, this little fellow perched on the hook and chirped incessantly at me the entire time I sat out there with... Read more »

The First Robin of Spring

The First Robin of Spring Enjoying my first cup of coffee while watching the flurry of activity at the bird feeders is a lovely way to start the day. I just about spilled said coffee scrambling for my camera when I spied this newcomer. My first robin sighting of the season sparked a bit of joy... Read more »

Snowy Morning Visitors

Snowy Morning Visitors Storm three of the week was still going strong this morning. I spent a couple of hours on the sofa with my coffee contemplating the real world. Today was Hannah’s third snow day of the week. I had to decide if it was going to by my third snow day as well. All I... Read more »

Bird Tree Revisited

Bird Tree Revisited My post-Christmas recycled bird tree crashed and burned in the first snow storm after I set it up. I rescued all of the orange cup feeders and sunflower heads and simply hung them on the birch tree in the background here. In the dark of night, all of the ornaments... Read more »

A Tree for the Birds

A Tree for the Birds Despite the fact that my feeders are full, bird activity has been a little slow lately. The squirrels and the mourning doves have been my only regular visitors. With snow in the forecast for this afternoon, I spent the morning setting up bird tree. It’s been a... Read more »

When Turkeys Fly!

When Turkeys Fly! It’s been a few years since we raised turkeys and I’ve missed having them around. They’re such funny creatures and have quite entertaining personalities. We often see wild turkeys around. A few years ago we spotted a mama and her seven babies... Read more »

New Goldfinch Feeder

New Goldfinch Feeder After spying my first Goldfinch of the season, I treated myself to a new feeder and a ridiculously expensive bag of Nyjer seed. It appears the investment was worth it. I snapped this photo from the comfort of my living room sofa this... Read more »

Early Morning Ruffed Grouse

Early Morning Ruffed Grouse Gidget gave me an early morning wake-up call. As I stood outside with her in my crocks and jammies, I spied what I first thought was a Mourning Dove in a tree. Too big for a Dove, I headed back inside for my camera.  ‘Twas a Ruffed Grouse dancing along the... Read more »

Phoebe Hatchlings

Phoebe Hatchlings My last few sneak peeks at the phoebe nest with my iPhone yielded nothing but those five eggs tucked away. Until today. Perched precariously on a ladder, I slid the iPhone over the nest and snapped. What appears to be a quintuplet of baby pheobes didn’t even... Read more »

Hummer Profiles

Hummer Profiles This guy looks a tad bit disgruntled. I understand where the phrase “ruffled feathers” came from! I love the iridescent colors and the subtle patterns of their feathers. Different light, different moods of my favorite... Read more »

Phoebe Nesting

Phoebe Nesting There’s been a flurry of bird activity under the lean-to this week. Curious, I ventured out back and discovered that the phoebe nest I left untouched in the rafters last summer has been re-purposed yet again. Each year the phoebes line the nest with more... Read more »

Of Mother’s Day and Hummingbirds

Of Mother’s Day and Hummingbirds You know it’s going to be a good day when the hummingbirds return for the season. I’ve had the feeder filled and out for a week, ready for their arrival. This morning, I enjoyed my coffee and book on the porch, wrapped in a blanket in deference to the... Read more »

A New Backyard of Birds

A New Backyard of Birds This week at my folks house in Pennsylvania has given me a new audience of birds to photograph. Each morning, this Carolina Wren (a first for me) perched on a branch outside my window three stories up and serenaded me awake. I don’t ever recall hearing a louder... Read more »

Inky Beauty of the Crow

Inky Beauty of the Crow In search of bald eagles to photograph, I found only a crow on my latest outing. Common he may be, he’s beautiful all the same with his inky black feathers. Equally appealing to me is the way the light plays off the barren tree branches on this late winter... Read more »

Black Capped Chickadee Show

Black Capped Chickadee Show It took a little time, but my new bird feeder that delivered so much amusement with the squirrels last month, is finally dinky birds. The chickadees are providing me a new source of entertainment. And photo ops. Thanks,... Read more »

Downy Woodpecker Pair Visits

Downy Woodpecker Pair Visits As I was lounging on the sofa working on my laptop when a flurry of activity on the porch distracted me. I looked up to see this misguided pair of downy woodpeckers checking out the porch post. I no sooner captured this one picture, and then they were gone –... Read more »

Gone to the Birds

Gone to the Birds On New Year’s day, I discarded the Christmas tree on the front porch with plans to deal with it later. During some bitter cold days, it became a wind-break for the chickens who were brave enough to venture outdoors. In the hopes of encouraging the chickens to... Read more »

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