All Bird Patterns

The Busy Bullfinch (10/15/2017)
The Bonny Budgie (3/4/2017)
The Roseate Tern (2/15/2017)
A Canty Cardinal Pair (12/23/2016)
The Snowy Owl Family (11/29/2016)
The Common Raven (6/5/2016)
Great Gray Owlets (11/29/2015)
Osprey Felt Pattern Osprey in Felt (5/16/2015)
Roaming Red Knot (4/14/2015)
house sparrow pattern Happy House Sparrow (12/29/2013)
Scrub Jay The Curious Scrub Jay (12/19/2013)
The Tiny Elf Owl (11/3/2013)
Spiffy Barn Swallow (10/27/2013)
Herring Seagull Felt Ornament A Saucy Seagull (9/23/2013)
Penguin Felt Ornament The Proper Penguin (11/25/2012)
Loon felt ornament pattern The Laughing Loon (11/23/2012)
Friendly house finch felt ornament Friendly House Finch (10/13/2012)
Winter Wren Felt Ornament Wee Winter Wren (10/7/2012)
Crow Felt Ornament The Clever Crow (10/5/2012)