Susan’s Bird Patterns

Following is an archive of all the felt bird patterns I’ve created to date. They are presented in reverse chronological order – the newest ones are at the top of the list. This crazy collection began with the Mama, Papa, and Roo owls that live in the header of my blog. After 80+ birds, you might say I’m a bit obsessed with them.

A Note on Copyright

I am happy to share these with you for your personal,not-for-profit use. You are encouraged to make these in any form (ornaments, felting, quilting, applique, etc.) and sell for, non-profit fund-raising. You may not redistribute the patterns without express written permission or sell the patterns.

At this time I cannot grant permission for commercial use of my patterns. If you have questions about your intended use of the patterns, drop me a note!

Downloading Patterns

The bird patterns are in PDF files. If you have any trouble opening them, first save them to your computer. To save to your computer, right click on the link and select “Save link as” (on a PC – on a MAC, you’re on your own!).

Where to Purchase Nice Felt

Where I live, the local craft stores only carry the polyester felt in very basic colors. If you’re in the market for really nice thick wool-blend felt in lots of colors, check out Shoppe 3130 or Sweet Emma Jean on Etsy.

“How To” Tid Bits

Adding Wire Feet to Your Felt Birds

Embroidery Stitch Cheat Sheet

Projects Submitted by Readers

Click here to view bird projects submitted by readers.

My Archive of Patterns

Note, if you’ve visited before, you’ll notice this list is different. Browse the patterns by my bird categories.

153 Responses to Susan’s Bird Patterns

  1. Terese LaPree says:

    I have just found your website. wow I am having a great time! Thank you so much for the patterns . Very nice of you to have them for free. I have been recouperating from surgery this fall and have been working on felt things to pass the time. Jackpot here on this site! Bless you!

  2. Laddie says:

    I love your patterns. I love birds and sewing. What could be better. I’ve actually tried to make some on my own but yours are sooooo much better. Thanks.

  3. These are wonderful! I was looking on Bing for bird ornaments and these are even better than I had hoped for! I think we’ll be doing a lot of sewing this December. Thanks very much!

  4. Annie Oskam says:

    FINALLY! I’ve been making felt birds for the Christmas tree for years, and wondered why NO ONE had patterns for such on the web.


  5. Lisa says:

    Soooo….what else would you consider making patterns of? 🙂 You are SO TALENTED!! And your patterns are so classy and great representations! I’d love to see maybe a Fox? Or other animals or insects, trees, etc. No pressure though! 🙂 I totally stink at making patterns. I can do a square, circle or a triangle! Heehee! Thanks so much again for sharing these!

  6. Rebecca says:

    I am working with felt for the first time, and my first project was your darling, little bluebird. It turned out better than I thought my first attempt would. Thanks for the great patterns!

  7. Bonnie says:

    Just stumbled across your blog – amazing!! Thank you for designing and sharing! Bonnie in a very hot Queensland, Australia

  8. Susie Weaver says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful bird patterns. I can’t wait to get started… after I get some of that wonderful wool blend felt!
    Merry Christmas!

  9. Joan Pazdon says:

    Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful bird patterns.
    Wishing you the Happiest of Holidays!

  10. Lisa says:

    Thank you for the beautiful patterns. It has been a long time since I did any hand sewing, but your patterns were so beautiful, I had to try them. I have finished four birds so far and I just downloaded some more patterns today. My sewing is not as precise as yours, but I am working on it. This has been a wonderful stress reliever for me. Thank you so much for sharing your talents!

  11. George Castonguay says:

    I’m the chicken nut in the family and I just told my daugher-in-law that I wanted to make some chicken ormaments for the family for next Christmas and right off the bat on my google search I found you!! I guess now I’m going to have to make a flock of 30 hens and three roosters to supply everyone with a Christmas bird. It will be great fun and I want to thank you for the wonderful patterns.

  12. Carol Hughes says:

    Love your site!!! Thanks so much for sharing such great patterns!

  13. Dorrie says:

    I love your bird patterns. My 84 year old mother has been enjoy feeding and watching birds for several years now. Since it is so hard to buy for her, I decided to make her some of your birds for Christmas. I didn’t start until Dec. 22, but had 4 finished by Christmas Eve. I plan on making more for her birthday in March. I would really love to have a pattern for a quail. I thought your partridge looks like it would work, but it doesn’t have the head pieces that quail have. My mom has a couple family of quail that bring their young to her feeders each spring. I know she would enjoy a quail ornament. She is going to hang the ones I made her inside her window. I would also love to make some ornaments of fish (trout, bass, etc) for my sister and her husband that are big fishermen. I can’t find patterns for those.

  14. Ginette says:

    Thank you for inspiring me to pick up needle and thread again. I hope to fill a tree with these birds soon!

  15. Janice says:

    Your ornaments are wonderful. Thank you! I am going to start making them for Christmas next year.

  16. Edie says:

    I just love your bird patterns. Your generosity has been very much appreciated.
    I have been asked to make a Christmas tree full of your birds that will be auctioned off next Christmas in a “tree walk” (they will have 20 to 30 theme trees to sell and I understand that they sell at good prices which are really donations). The proceeds will go to a local children’s hospital which is really a good cause. Thank you so much.
    You just don’t know how many lives you have touched and will touch with your kindness in these bird patterns. Keep up the good work and I will check back in a few days for a new pattern.

  17. Beatrice says:

    These are beautiful! Thank you!

  18. Donna says:

    I am so glad I found your site! I love birds! I was just planning my Christmas tree theme for next year and decided to make felt birds during the year to put on it. You can imagine how trilled I was to find this page! I love them because they are obviously made my someone that does some bird watching because they look like real birds. I just caught the bird watching bug recently when I found a tiny bird nest in the grass at the back of my house one spring. I could see the tiny little eggs and then one day I heard them after they hatched. I have pictures at different stages that were very hard to get without upsetting the parents. I finally learned that they were dark-eyed juncos. The babies were tiny when they were first hatched! The nest itself was only about the size as a 1/4 cup measuring cup. Thank you so much for making the patterns and making them available to others.

    • Susan says:

      We have many Dark-eyed Juncos here! They are on my list of bird patterns to make. How exciting to be able to watch them hatch! Thanks for visiting and sharing, Donna.

  19. Ang?lique says:

    These patterns are wonderful! Thank you very much.

  20. Candice says:

    Your patterns are so creative! I found them through Pinterest. I am printing a few for my Mom who is a bird nut. Have you ever considered publishing a book? I just bought a book with felt zombie patterns. There’s probably a bigger market for felt birds 🙂

    • Susan says:

      Candice, my husband has suggested the same thing. Who knows, maybe I will some day. For now I get such a kick out of the enjoyment people get from these. Zombie patterns? Really! 🙂

  21. Maureen says:

    Hi, I just love your site. I did a google search for felt birds, and you were the first one I opened. I can’t believe all the free patterns that you have, and of so many different birds. Thank You for the free patterns. I wonder if you considered doing parrots. I would love to have a pattern for a normal grey cockatiel. I have one, and I just love him. I would love to make some felt cockatiel, but would not know where to begin. Again, Thank You very Much

  22. Susan Miller says:

    Blessings to you ! What a beautiful site! Have been taking care of my 84 y/o father since he fell and broke his leg, so I put up bird feeders for him to watch and decided I would surprises him with a few felt birds that come to the feeder! What a delight to find your patterns, for free no less! Thank you so much for your generous and kind spirit of sharing these patterns! He looks forward to what bird will pop up next to the coffee pot each morning and just said this morning “When are you going to make a cardinal?” Little did he know I had that planned for the next one! Our state bird in Ohio. So thanks for helping me make memories with my dad you touch people in ways you probably didn’t even know you had! :0) From heart to hand to hand I thank you!

  23. Leslie says:

    Thank you for sharing your creativity and making these bird patterns available for us to use.
    My kids and I made the black capped chickadee today, and it turned out great. We look forward to trying many of your other patterns.

  24. Susan S says:

    Just found your patterns on Pinterest and am in love with your beautiful birds! I’d like to try to make a couple of cookies using your patterns. Thank you for sharing them.

  25. Cheryl Webster says:

    What do you use to hold the birds up? Do they clip or hung? I’ve tried a few things but haven’t found a good way.

    • Susan says:

      Cheryl, for those that hang on my Christmas tree, I made a loop out of embroidery floss and attached it to the top of the bird. When I display it on a branch I use a pin tucking into the felt, behind the branch and back into the felt. Hope that helps!

  26. Nora says:

    Thank you very much for these lovely free patterns. I enjoy working with felt and these patterns are perfect.

  27. alison shutt says:

    Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing these wonderful birds with us.
    I am just beginning to emulate your work – starting with the mallard.
    Maybe one day I’ll produce things as beautiful as yours.
    Kind regards,

    Alison, from Cumbria, England

  28. Elaine says:

    Love your site….patterns, articles….thank you so much…have already made at least 6 felt birds…it brings me joy. Thank you.

  29. Gilles says:

    Dear susan,

    A big thank you for sharing.
    Our association is preparing a sailing trip around the world to take pictures of birds, coastal and videos to introduce children to the world. (Schools and associations)
    This is a project that will last approximately 4 years.
    You have done a fabulous job!
    We will be sure to pass the address of your blog to all the people we meet during our adventure ..
    Long life to you and your family and maybe one day two small French ornithologists pass by your house to thank you in person.
    Sorry for the mistakes it’s a google translation

    Laurence and Gilles

    • Susan says:

      Laurence and Gilles,
      Thank you for writing! It was a treat to hear from you. I have such fun drawing the bird patterns in my free time. I wish you safe voyage and much fun.
      Warmest Regards,

  30. Nancy Alexander says:

    Love, love, love the birds! Just wanted to pass along to those that may have lost their ability to thread a needle through failing eyesight or unsteady hands ( count me in!) that these patterns can be put together using glue! I’ve done many of them, usually double sided and they are just splendid! Might work for little hands , too!

  31. Jeanette O'Leary says:

    Thank-you so much for these patterns, Susan. I discovered them a few weeks ago and decided they would make a great gift for our secretaries on Administrative Professionals Day. I made 18 different birds using cardstock for each. Cardstock comes in a wide array of colors (I just found this out, too). I hung them from the ceiling over their desks. They LOVED them. I work in the science bulding at a college and our resident “bird guy” enjoyed them , too. Thank-you again.

  32. JOJO says:

    merci c est genial

  33. Michelle >^..^ says:

    Jackpot is right! Thanks for sharing these fun patterns. Looks like I’ll be busy making these sweet felt birds come November. Can’t wait !!!

  34. Christine says:

    What a marvelous website that I only just discovered! I am enjoying it and I cannot wait to begin! Thank you for so generously sharing your patterns with all of us.

  35. Lisa Larson says:

    Hi Susan,

    Thanks so much for sharing these beautiful patterns. It will be such a joy to make these and teach my little boy about birds, particularly since it will allow us to explore birds that live in another part of the county. Have an amazing day!!

  36. Herma says:

    Hallo Susan.
    Heel erg bedankt voor jou mooie patronen.
    Ik ben kom uit Nederland (Holland).en heb nog nooit zo een mooie site gezien als die van jou.
    Heel veel dank daarvoor.

    From Google Translate:
    Hello Susan.
    Thank you very much for you beautiful patterns.
    I’m from the Netherlands (Holland)., And have never seen as a beautiful site like yours.
    Very many thanks.

    • Susan says:

      Thank you for the compliments. I spent some time in Holland years ago and thoroughly enjoyed my visit. Thank you for visiting Downeast Thunder Farm!

  37. Christine says:

    Thank you for publishing the patterns! They are amazing and I can’t wait to start creating for this Christmas! My fianc? loves sparrows but I have a hard time putting what I see to a pattern. It also doesn’t help that we live in Ohio and there are 26 different kinds! Is there any chance you can help?

    • Susan says:

      Christine, if you’re looking for help identifying birds, I’m not particularly useful on that front. I poke around searching for a good likeness. If I can’t find anything there a post on Facebook often brings an answer!

  38. Judy says:

    Hi Susan,
    Thank you for sharing the terrific patterns of all of these wonderful birds. I am going to make all of the owls for a sister-in-law that loves owls as her Christmas gift. I can see other birds in that will definitely be decorating other trees this year.
    Again, Thank You for your generosity.

  39. Elaine says:

    THank you so much for your bird patterns. I have been making felt birds which my grandchildren enjoy so much. They look forward to each one as I finish it. I just read about the Woodpecker and how God gave them their very special abilities. Maybe you’d like to read it. It’s worth asking them for a subscription.
    Thanks so very much, you have heightened the interests of all my family about God’s birds.

  40. Jan says:

    Thank you for sharing. Your birds are adorable!!

  41. Debi says:

    Thank you Susan , love your patterns My grand daughter loves owls thanks for having so many different patterns .dont know what I am gonna do yet but thanks to you I have some great patterns !

  42. Judy Koontz says:

    I love these patterns; just discovered this today through facebook. am going to try the wren immediately as we just saw one on our birdfeeder this weekend; I may try to do an applique quilt with all of the birds since you have made such beautiful and easy patterns.

  43. fay moore says:

    I found your bird patterns on pininterest. My sister and I alternate taking my 80 year old mother to a low cost craft class at our local library once a month. This month they made wreaths and next month it will be applique. I don’t have a printer so I’m drawing out your patterns for her to use after her class. I enjoy birds so I may even get luck enough for her to make me something . I plan on making most of the small birds for our Christmas tree. I count predator birds on the many trips to the family CA center. We’ve seen as few as 4 and as many as 78 on the 120 mile trip there. We have golden eagles, bald eagles, red-tailed hawks, kestrels, falcons, king fishers, grey hawk and 2 0r 3 others. We don’t count vultures or buzzards. We occasionly spot owls but not to often although we have a very large grey one that tries to take our small dogs or cats in the evenings. Thank you for sharing your talent.I have 4 different cardinals that I made for my sister’s tree last year using felt..

  44. Dimmie says:

    Hello fellow-crafter. I have been looking for patterns for different birds and was amazed to find your website.

    I thank the Lord for helping to find your website. Each bird pattern are soooo awesome

    Thank you so much that you shared your talent.


  45. jean says:

    thank you so much for the beautiful bird patterns! i am looking forward to adding my own touches and will for certain share the link to your wonderful blog!! cheers!

  46. juno says:

    Thanks a million for sharing all these wonderful patterns, Susan!
    Best wishes from Ireland 🙂


  47. Brett says:

    Thank you for the beautiful patterns! My Christmas tree will be full of these felt birds!

  48. Elizabeth Bailey-Mitchell says:

    How about a red-winged blackbird? And a common rock pigeon? My husband and I have talked for several years about decorating the Christmas tree with birds, but we’ve not had money to purchase ornaments. Now we can make them, for just the cost of thread and felt! Thanks so much!

  49. Karen L. McGee says:

    I love your patterns , especially the owls & woodpeckers. Looking forward to you designing the Yellow Shafted Northern Flicker, my favorite. Keep Up the great work. You are keeping a bunch of alaskan women happy during the cold days . Thank you so much!

  50. Celia says:

    Thanks a lot for a beatiful things.

  51. Hannetjie says:

    I have just found your website. Thanks for sharing the patterns. I love working with felt. Thank you for the stunning photos of your farm. I love the photo of the view thru your bathroom window!! God bless.
    South Africa

  52. Krista says:

    I Love these patterns. Thank you for sharing. You are amazing.

  53. Marsha says:

    Love your patterns…just about to start making the blue heron.

  54. Wow, thank you so much for these! What an incredibly kind thing to do and share for people.

    Helen and Sarah from Alaska

  55. Mary Perry says:

    I am doing a Round Robin border for my friend who wants the wildlife of Big Bend National Park. Your Great Horned Owl or Screech Owl will be on her quilt as soon as I decide which one to use. Thanks for the pattern! I have been looking for days for something I could afford (Lol!) and I really do not have a nack for drawing! I will post a photo when I am done.

  56. Pam says:

    Thank you your patterns are wonderful. I am going to make the owls. They are just adorable!!!!!!

  57. Claudia Flores says:

    Gracias mil! I was looking for a nice cardinal and found it here , gonna be a christmas decoration for our mailbox here in Arizona, thanks so much for sharing, I like all your birds, going to try the red tail hawk too

  58. Julia says:

    Your patterns are stunning!
    I’ve been wanting to stitch a felt California Quail for several years now because we have several covey’s that run through our yard year-round.
    Thank you!

  59. Kris says:

    Hi! I was browsing for felt patterns and happened across these. Do you have a pattern for a ruddy duck? I know they have a blue beak and would love to be able to make both sexes. Our last name is Ruddy and I would like to add these to our growing collection of duckies!

    Thank you….

  60. Donna says:

    Your generous gift of bird patterns have helped me through the process of grieving. You may have just saved my life.

  61. Ginger says:

    I love your bird patterns! I want to make some for my Christmas tree. Thanks so much for sharing your designs!

  62. Cas O'Meara says:

    I love your birds. Have made several for myself. I hang them from ribon and include a little brass bell beneath. I am working on a Superb Fairy Wren pattern to make for friends – it was recently voted Australia’s favourite bird, and is a favourite of mine as well.

  63. Willow Fodor says:

    Thank you for these wonderful bird patterns. I have made several for myself and Christmas gifts. I also made several for our church Christmas faire. They were well received and brought in a nice amount for our outreach fund. Thank you for your generous gift.

  64. SLWells says:

    Thank you for the amazing owl patterns. I have been free handing some felt owl ornaments for my sister for Christmas gifts (she LOVES owls). I found these patterns in a Google search, and I can’t wait to start some. Thanks again for sharing!!

  65. judy says:

    Thank You for the beautiful bird patterns. You have helped me in two ways. I love birds and am doing a wildlife scene in my bay window. I just learned to applique wool & felt. These birds are perfect. They will keep me busy this winter.
    My son just started raising chickens as a hobby so I am going to make him some.

  66. Sandra Denny says:

    I made my first felt bird ornament from a kit this Christmas and have been searching the web for bird patterns. I feel so very fortunate to have found your website and to benefit from your amazing talent and generosity. Thanks for kick starting my new hobby with such beautiful birds. Best Wishes to You and Yours for a Wonderful 2014!

  67. Sue says:

    Love your bird patterns. I’m a bird watcher for years. Have feeder in my back yard. Plan to use some of the patterns (or all) and applique to a wall quilt top.
    Thank you for the beautiful patterns.

  68. Janet Law says:

    Found your website shortly before Christmas. Your birds are wonderful. Thank you for sharing your patterns with everyone. I hope to make some for our church’s Christmas fair this year.

    I vacation each year in Jonesport, Maine. Are you near there? Do you sell your birds in any store in downeast Maine?

    Thank you,

  69. Janet Law says:

    I forgot to say that I was not able to print out the snowy owl and goldfinch patterns.
    Thanks again

  70. Pauline says:

    Hi – I have just discovered your fabulous site – in particular I am really enjoying the birds and would like to thank you for the free patterns. My granddaughter and I are loving birds at the moment and I can’t wait to make some of your patterns for her. She likes animals and birds to be of the real kind and so the correct colours and shape will delight her.
    thanks again,

  71. Thanks for all the wonderful patterns. I’ve made a few already and will be working on more. I’ll let you know when I’ve done a post about them. Stitching is the perfect project for a snowy day 🙂

  72. vafa says:

    Thank you very much….awesome patterns…just like sculpting…great job….tones of thanks from Iran

  73. Betty Wimberley says:

    I just found your website through Pinterest. Wow! You are definitely creative, artistic, and oh so generous. I don’t know you, but yet I know what kind of person you are. The kind that makes this world a better place. Thank you.

  74. Rosa Campbell says:

    How beautiful ! I haven’t seen anything so well done, so many and so generous. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these. Thank You!

  75. Jo S. says:

    Wow! and thank you! My Son is a bird lover, many bird feeders in his backyard and he can name them all. I’m going to make some of these for him for Christmas.

  76. mariette says:

    j’ai fait ces petits oiseaux c’est adorable merci d’avoir donner les patrons bonne journ?e amiti?s

    From Google Translate: hello, I made these little birds is lovely thank you for giving bosses good day friendships

  77. Cynthia Bonnell says:

    Thanks so much for designing all these great birds. I envision a Christmas Tree full of these different birds.

  78. Eileen Nutter says:

    Hi Susan, Absolutely fabulous patterns. I’ve tried most crafts but your birds are irresistible so I’ been to buy the felt and am raring to go. I agree with other comments on you writing a book. Thanks and kind regards Eileen. Durham. England

  79. Elen says:

    Wow! Fantastic collection! Thank you so much for sharing! ))

  80. Kaelly says:

    You are so talented and generous! Thank you for sharing these fabulous patterns to the world! My family love them so much

  81. Yhee says:

    You are great!!!

  82. wanda zeigler says:

    My granddaughter (age 5) and I love your patterns. We have bird feeders in PA at my house and in NC at her house. I cut out a few of the birds we see most often and she threads my needles for me to sew. Her favoriot is the gold finch and she did sew the cardinal herself (using a red sparkerly felt ; )
    Thank you.

  83. Elaine says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your patterns with us. I have had such an enjoyable time making these birds and giving them to friends to hang in their windows. My large kitchen window is filled with them. Thank you for your generosity.

  84. Ellen Dummett says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your patterns. Using them in my classroom for Special Education to learn about birds. Using them to create a bird book they understand. Thank you!

  85. Marcie Rhys says:

    Hi Susan. I have come to you by way of Pinterest. Jeepers, what a find! You are one talented lady, and oh so generous to share all your bird patterns. I’ve written and formatted a few things for crafters before, and the effort is not insignificant.

    Your patterns are VERY graphically pleasing, and the way you have situated the birds in their natural habitat is marvelous. I bet you’re a formally trained artist, and as I do more looking about your site, I will find this out.

    I see you’re in Maine. So many of your birds are my birds too (outside of Boston), and then I hit the peacock, and knew you must be from the Northeast.

    I’m hoping that spring this year has been a bit less eventful than some of the weather of recent years. After the last few seasons, you must be wondering if you should be farming. It’s tough in the mid-west (where I visited farms when young), but you folks in northern NE need to be rocks to deal with, well, the rocks, and the farm unfriendly weather.

    I will be trying out your patterns first on fabric postcards (a small format that doesn’t overwhelm my sewing skills). Thanks so much again for taking the time to share your wonderful birds.

    A very happy new acquaintance,
    Marcie (aka Artistic Hen)

    • sjbennett says:

      Marcie, thank you for your kinds words. I am not a trained artist, but I do enjoy dabbling with patterns. It’s always a fun challenge to try to recreate the wildlife out of felt.

  86. mariam says:

    Hello , thank you so much for sharing all these pretty patterns with no cost . You are awesome!! I am so happy to find these .

  87. Jeri Buek says:

    Is there a chance that you have these already printed out and available for sale. We have a group of ladies, BaaBaa Sisterhood, and we meet monthly to work on wool and woolfelt projects for our own enjoyment. These would be fun for us to do. Thanks! Jeri

    • sjbennett says:

      Jeri, I do not have printed copies for sale. I might get there at some point in the future, but I’m not there yet.

  88. Shelby Bennett says:

    Thank you SO MUCH for sharing these patterns! I stumbled upon your site looking for owl patterns (to go with Harry Potter ornaments). Love them all! You are amazing!

  89. Dumitra Elisei says:

    I haven’t been so happy since a very long time! I love all your patterns. You do a remarkable work!
    Thank you so very much for sharing all these with us!

  90. Karen Spencer says:

    I feel like I have won the lottery. I just discovered your amazing bird patterns. I would encourage you to have a hard copy collection for sale. I have a collection of needlework books that represent a sizable investment, and a book containing your creations certainly belongs there. I would gladly purchase your patterns.

    Thank you for designing the magpie. I live on the arid side of Washington state, and love my magpies. If you are ever stumped for new bird ideas, may I suggest the female quail and chick. No one ever depicts the female quail, and she is amazing. I would also love to make the female pheasant, although she is quite plain. Our quail and pheasant families come to our yard for yummy cracked corn.

    You have given me a treasure. Thank you for your generosity and creativity.


  91. Elizabeth Moore says:

    I love watching birds at my several feeders and the realism you’ve given your drawings and felt subjects is amazing!
    You’ve done such a good job of rendering great likenesses of the beauties!
    Thank you and keep up the awe inspiring work!

  92. Babette says:

    I love your patterns! My (almost) 2 year old daughter Gracie and I love to watch the birds. She is starting to be able to name them. I can’t wait to make them so she can have a whole collection of our regional (Midwest) birds. Thank you so much! I so hope you keep adding!

  93. Laura says:

    Thank you so much for the patterns!I made some felt birds years ago, but of course I can’t find the pattern now. They were kind of folksy, not as beautifully detailed as yours. I’m a Children’s Librarian, and can imagine what wonderful felt board stories I’ll be able to tell once I’ve made some of these. Of course, Christmas is coming up first…..

  94. Liz says:

    Thanks so much for the wonderful patterns. I’m having a great time putting them together and looking forward to giving them as gifts this Christmas. Can’t believe it took me this long to find you!
    All of this felt work is giving me ideas for some patterns of my own. I work at a zoo and would love to make some of the animals housed here.
    Don’t stop! Can’t wait to see what you do next!

  95. Mary Ferguson says:

    I was searching for craft project on wine corks & soda bottle caps. I came across this site for felt birds & decided those would be beautiful on a Christmas Tree. Thank U. very much for the beautiful patterns. I am a Mother Nature person. Love feeding the birds & flower garden. I have health problems & can’t do much. Live in NC but I am from WV. This is a wonderful web site. Thanks, have a good day.
    Mary Ferguson

  96. alycat says:

    Great patterns and free no less!! These will make great tree ornaments or items to attach to gift tags.
    You said no commercial use. Does that include church fairs? I am sure these would sell like hot cakes here in the Northeast.

  97. val says:

    thank you so much for the bird patterns and I can’t believe they are free!!! they are so much fun to make. now if you only do a polar bear…

  98. Larissa Stretton says:

    Adding my thanks! I work in the Children’s Room at the library and we wanted to make a display of birds as a decoration for the winter. I found your patterns and was so pleased! You saved me a step! They are wonderful and easy to create. The tree is up and the birds are appearing one at a time, much to the delight of the children and staff alike.
    Thank you again and happy holidays to you!

  99. Nina Leon says:

    Totally Amazing! I found your website when looking for felt Canada Goose patterns for my son who has requested a flock for Christmas. I am in total awe of the vast assortment of birds you’ve created. Thank you so much for making them free patterns. I’ve done a lot of crocheting the past few years, but have recently been dabbling in small handsewn felt softees. These patterns look like perfect options for Christmas presents for multiple generations of bird lovers when there is very little time left before Christmas. Thank you and amazing job.

  100. Angela says:

    Thank you so very, very much for sharing your beautiful work and patterns with us. My son and I are so excited to begin creating some feathered friend replicas. We are starting with the cardinal, but this little nuthatch will be the second – they are regulars at our backyard feeding station. Thanks again!

  101. Leslie Webster says:

    Thank you so much for posting these wonderful patterns. I’d been thinking about making a tree skirt with appliques of my beloved winter birds and these are perfect! You have all of my favorites. Can’t wait to get started. Thanks again!

    • sjbennett says:

      I’ve thought of doing this too – if I just had time to slow down and give it a try! I’d love to see yours if you make one.

  102. Sharon says:

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your wonderful patterns.
    I raise Zebra finches…a real bird lover.

    I’ve thought about doing my Christmas tree with bird ornaments, but never was able to find patterns…until now.


  103. Laurie says:

    Thank you so much! I can’t wait to try them!

  104. Sherrie Price says:

    I just found your site while looking for felt owl ornaments to make. I loved the Snowy Owl and have printed it to make for my yearly Christmas ornaments for the kids and grandkids. I will be late getting them done but that’s OK, they know how slow I am. Thank you for your pattern. I will keep up with your site often.

  105. Carmen says:

    I am going to make myself a small oval footstool, and as my sitting room is my robin roomI thought I would do a tapestry cover of robins.
    I put in Robin patterns and your site came up.
    I love your site.
    Still to find a tapestry robin pattern, but I might just get a little side tracked and do some birds for my climbing begonia that adourns my kitchen window.
    Thank you.
    May you and those you love be blessed with peace health and happiness throughout the coming year.
    Carmen x

  106. I live in a complex of 50 independent living seniors and partially disabled citizens of varying ages. I am blessed to be able to design and organize decorations for our community room.
    I’ve been wanting to do something with birds to add color and whimsy to our décor. Being on a very limited to non-existent budget is discouraging at times. Your bird patterns are just what is needed to jumpstart this year’s projects. If I start now I’ll have enough birds to cover our 9 foot tree for Christmas and give one to each of our residents as a gift. If I can see it in my mind, I can create it. I CAN SEE IT ! Thank you so much for sharing your creative gifts with others. May the blessings you so generously share with others be returned to you a thousand fold. God Bless You, Patricia D.

  107. Anne says:

    birds, birds, birds…I have always enjoyed them. from song to activities, they amuse me. using them while crafting, sewing is what i have recently been exploring. thank you for providing so much to work/play with. your birds, as well as your other projects are lovely! you live in beautiful surroungings, enjoy!

  108. Kir says:

    One of our Board members/amazing volunteers found your site and your patterns. We are so excited to make some — first for ourselves (as practice) and then — thanks to your generosity with how we can use the patterns! — to sell to raise money for the Birds of Vermont Museum.

    We will send you pictures — I think our crafting practice day will be sometime in the summer…


  109. karen hansen says:

    thank you for making all these wonderful bird patterns available. I am going to make a bunch as a present for my boyfriend, who is a biologist.

  110. Sou brasileira e adorei o seu Site, gosto de sua generosidade em compartilhar seus dons e agradeço e lhe desejo muito sucesso.

    Google translation: I am Brazilian and I loved your website, like his generosity in sharing his gifts and thank you and wish you much success.

  111. Ruth Osborne says:

    Can you reccomend a site for purchasing felt. I thought you mentioned one before but I cannot find it.

    Thanks much.

  112. Caitlin says:

    I just finished a wall hanging project (see my blog post here: using your bird designs. It was so fun and I love how it turned out! Now, cute little birdies greet me each time I come through the front door. Thanks for sharing your patterns!

    • Susan says:

      This is wonderful! My mom sent me a link at a high end catalog that featured something similar (I think it was a hint), but I’ve not had a chance to make one. I love this!

  113. Gramma D says:

    Susan, my youngest grandson will be old enough this Christmas to pull ornaments off the tree. I just found your bird patterns. Mom and and the little guy spend lots of time walking in the woods and he loves birds, can even spot the woodpeckers now. Thanks for sharing your patterns for our personal use. I’ll be making some for their tree this year so he’ll have his very own soft, unbreakable ornaments to hang on the bottom! Thanks!!
    Gramma D

  114. Sharon says:

    Oh my gosh!
    I’m recovering from surgery and I’m totally bored.
    I found your website while looking for crafts I could work on to help me stay sane.

    Yours is PERFECT. Love the bird patterns. I’m going to practice on some felt that I already have and if they turn out good when I’m on my feet again I will get the felt you suggested.


  115. Catie says:

    THANK YOU for sharing these patterns!!!! 😀 What a blessing!

  116. Jackie Stetser says:

    Your bird patterns are awesome!

  117. Terese says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your patterns with us. I enjoy making these birds! I started by making them for a bird only Christmas tree. I took the tree with ornaments to a 4-H bake sale and promptly sold out! I think maybe four out of 2 dozen came back home. So I had to make more!
    They are great package tie on’s or a sweet thank you gift. I look forward to making some of the new patterns that I don’t have. It’s time to fill my tree.

  118. Mary Pierce says:

    So glad I found your website. Thank you so much for sharing your patterns. I volunteer with Native Songbird Care and Conservation, a wildlife rehabilitation organization in California. I made quite a few of your birds for our holiday Birdie Bazaar fundraiser and they were a huge hit. Thanks for helping us help the birds!

  119. Mike Paterson says:

    So was Cruising around Pinterest and saw this pattern. Hmmm. I made mine out of wood!! Looks Really good. Made three samples and one of the samples used a piece of sea glass for the beak. Looks darn good. Thank You

  120. izzi says:

    These are so brilliant – expecting my first child and wanted to make him a bird mobile. Have been doing your hummingbirds which are lovely. As i’m in the UK, I was planning to try to make a few patterns myself for some of our local birds. Our favourite is the avocet which has a very curvy thin beak – wondering if you had any tips on how to do the beak?

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