Mom (aka Granny Gadget) sent this new bird feeder to me. I finally had the chance to fill it and put it up yesterday. Since the ground is frozen I couldn’t rig a pole for it, so I opted to hang it from the trunk of a young tree. The birds love it. It look just a day for the squirrels to discover it too.

We don’t see many gray squirrels – it’s usually the little red ones who take up residence on the porch. Gidget alerted me to this guy this morning. You know what’s going through his mind.

He knew we were watching him, but that didn’t slow him down.

He worked it, hanging on as best he could on the slippery feeder.

We watched for a few minutes before opening the window to shoo him away.

Not five minutes later, wave two of the assault began. No new feeder goes untested!