This turtle design grew out of an email I received from Nancy. A fourth-grade teacher, Nancy raises two Blanding’s Turtle hatchlings with her class each year. Once grown, they release the turtles into the wilds of Massachusetts.

This is my second attempt at the Blanding’s Turtle. My first design was flat – the shell more like the shape of my sea turtle. I didn’t think it looked enough like this turtle, so I went back to the drawing board. This version is a little more complicated, but gives his shell a nice curve to it. He should be created from a darker colored felt, but the colors left in my stores were somewhat limited. I hope you have fun with this guy. Let me know how your turtle turns out if you choose to make him!

Right click here and select “save target/link as” to save this printable Blanding’s Turtle pattern to your computer.

Here are a few images referenced in the instructions that my help you in making this turtle.