A Christmas Tree for the birds

As has become our tradition as the Christmas season ends, our Charlie Brown tree has another chance to bring a bit more joy.  Hannah helped me bring it outdoors – strategically placed outside one of the living room windows.  I dipped apple slices and pine cones collected before the snow arrived in melted vegetable shortening and the rolled in bird seed. Leftover tangerine skins were filled birdseed and frozen blueberries.

Chickadee in a snowy fir

It took about 30 minutes before the Chickadees began to show some interest.

A tree for the Chickadess

With the temps at a whopping five degrees I was able to enjoy photographing from the comfort of the living room.

A Christmas Tree for the birds at Downeast Thunder Farm

The blueberries were a hit.

Chickadee feeding on bird seed and blueberries at Downeast Thunder Farm

Chickadee at Bird Christmas tree on Downeast Thunder Farm

The tree became the stage for an aerial dance, Chickadees flying to and fro.

Chickadee in flight at Downeast Thunder Farm

Chickadee feeding on apple slices at Downeast Thunder Farm

Chickadee on Birch at Downeast Thunder Farm

I give it until tomorrow morning for this little guy to raid the tree.

squirrel feeding at the base of a tree at Downeast Thunder Farm

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