When Hannah left for college in August, the toughest part of leaving home for her was leaving Snape, aka Boo, behind. While we have two cats and a dog, Hannah is Boo’s human.

Since Hannah’s departure, Snape has moved into our room taking up permanent residence on the bed. He sleeps all day and at night, he demands constant attention. While I sleep, he circles me, walking around me, crossing above my head (often waking me by stepping on my hair) down along my body, crossing my ankles and works his way up the other side. Over and over again. I feel as if I am being circled by a shark. The moment he senses that I’m awake he comes in for the kill – head butts, snuggling, purring like a freight train.

The thing is – crumbs of Hannah’s attention are enough to fill his soul and keep him content; simply being in her presence is enough. With me, all the lovings I can give him are not enough to satisfy. For this cat, love is not created equal.

I can’t wait for Hannah to return home if only so I can get a good night sleep!