With just two days left before Hannah heads off to college, we spent the morning revisiting Bog Brook Cove. It’s hard to believe that it’s been five years since our first hike here – seems like yesterday.

trescott maine

The fog rolled away from the coast just as we arrived.

It was a wonderfully peaceful morning along the Grand Manan Channel – not another soul in sight.

a beautiful summer morning on bog brook cove

We enjoyed sitting on the rocks, watching the waves roll by, just taking it all in.

perched on the rocks

I spoke with someone last week who has seen whales navigating the channel. Today it was just us, narry a whale or seal to be found.

plovers on the cobbled beach

We were entertained by the pipers and plovers zipping about the cobbled shore.

Knowing we have one more day together before Hannah’s off to college made the morning bittersweet.

mother daughter selfie

One more day, and she’s landlocked for a semester!