My seasons of purple have been racing by without much notice on my part. I’ve been too busy to enjoy being at home. I’ve all but missed the lilac bushes that were in bloom for all of a week. The Lupin has come and gone.


Today, I blissfully had a day to myself at home. And my lavender is in full bloom. Yet, disturbingly, there are no bees. Typically, my row of lavender seems alive with the buzzing of bees. As I sat on the porch this afternoon – nothing. Birds flitted in and out of the yard. I spotted a wasp or two, but no bees. I don’t have a great flower garden, but there are other things in bloom.

maine bachelor buttons

Bachelor Buttons.

maine lady's mantle

Lady’s Mantle.

maine black eyed susans

A few Black-eyed Susans.

maine pea blossoms

Sugar Snap Peas.

maine purple petunias

And my pots and hanging baskets of Petunias.

Where are the bees? It’s most unusual.

maine pekin duck

Oh, and here’s Peep lounging among the blueberries – which are bearing fruit – so the pollinators must have been here at some point.