For more than seven years I’ve passed this blueberry field on the way to work. A solitary tree rising above the blueberry barren like a sentinel, creating focus, depth, and perspective in the landscape.

The red, white, and blue of a winter barren.

A bold autumn sky framing a solitary tree.

Sunrise through the morning fog.

A ghost of a solitary tree on a foggy day.

lone pine on blueberry barrens

A lone pine on blackened barrens.

The starkness of the tree on a winter landscape.

This was the view as I drove into work this week. My solitary tree is no more – gone from the landscape I enjoyed so much. I wish I’d known my time was limited. I might have spent more time cataloging that particular view.

The absence of the tree is an apt commentary on life, isn’t it? Appreciate the now, because change is inevitable.