For Mother’s Day, Hannah said she wanted to take me to breakfast and then on a hike – mother/daughter day of adventure. We could go and do whatever I wanted.

a mother's day breakfast at chester pike's galley

Our adventure started at Chester Pike’s Galley, my favorite place for breakfast.

enjoying color at surry gardens

We moseyed on to Surry Gardens where we found pleasure in the colors and textures of the plants and flowers.

streptocarpella good hope for mother's day

Hannah plucked up this Streptocarpella ‘Good Hope’ (aka Cape Primrose) for me when I admired it.

the telling of a story

She’s telling me some story here.

red shouldered hawks

Our adventure led us to Birds Acre where I admired the rescued hawks (Red Shouldered?) that appear much larger up close.

tiny saw whet owl

We whispered as we studied this little Saw Whet, trying not to disturb her.

great horned owl profile

And then, this beautiful Great Horned Owl.

great horned owl

So majestic.

We set out on a supposed two-mile hike along the perimeter trail at the Stanwood Wildlife Sanctuary.

ferns unfurling

Ferns elegantly unfurling into spring.

grow where you're planted

Grow where you’re planted.

queens throne

Worshiping at “The Queens Throne where thrushes sing at eventide.”

cattails on the marsh

Last year’s cattails going to seed look like sentries across the marsh.

hannah and susan

Ninety minutes later we found our way out of the woods. Many wrong turns, we never made it around the perimeter trail and likely clocked more than two miles.

We rewarded ourselves with wonderful mozzarella, tomato, and basil sandwiches on focaccia at Finelli’s before setting off in search of Bald Eagles.

osprey in the trees

Rather than eagles, we spotted Osprey feeding in the river.

osprey catching lunch

The picture of the day is this Osprey catching her lunch.

Our day wound down with a little shopping before taking the long way home.

Adventures with Hannah; the recipe for  a perfect day.