Today is a sad day. It started out lovely with ice out on the sunny side of the pond. The ducks, Dilly, Quackers, Peep and Squeak enjoyed a first spring dip in the pond while I enjoyed the view from my chair in the shade.

Yet, when it was time to bring the ducks in this evening, there was no Dilly to be found. I discovered her body on the edge of the pond. While six years seems like a long life for a physically challenged duck, losing her hit me hard.

Dilly Duck in the Lillies

Dilly has always held a special place in our hearts. Because of her deformed legs, walking was very laborious for her and she always brought up the ducky rear. The pond was her favorite place – she would complain loudly when the other ducks left her behind. She was our best broody duck, working so hard at sitting on her nest every summer, never with any luck. Dilly got a little extra TLC, like picking her up to put her in the motar box for a winter bath or allowing her nest in the lavendar or wherever she wanted.

Dilly the Duck

It’s an end of an era here at Downeast Thunder Farm. We’re going to miss Dilly.

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