Yesterday was a beautiful, mild day. I was quite lazy, spending much of the day on the sofa reading – something I rarely do.


My vantage point from the sofa gives me a bird’s eye view of three feeders. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many Nuthatches at one time.

goldfinches and chickadee

This Chickadee in flight evokes the feeling of such joy.

winter lavender

Despite what the 153 bird pics I didn’t post implies, I didn’t lounge on the sofa all day. I forced myself outside and pruned my winter weary lavender. Some winters the snow has been so deep that I couldn’t get to the lavender until May.

greenhouse beds

I tackled the clean-up of two of my four greenhouse garden beds. The spent straw used as mulch last year went into the chicken run making for some happy hens.

farm fresh eggs

And I collected eggs. Last year’s four new girls are finally producing on an almost daily basis. Aren’t the eggs pretty?