We’ve had snowy winters before. It seems like every couple of years we get a doozy – snow up to the eaves. Yet, this last week has been one for the record books. Eighteen inches last Thursday and then yesterday, we got 30 inches in 30 hours. It didn’t seem as if the snow would ever end!

We have a winter’s worth of snow in just a couple of days.

The winds were not as bad here as predicted. I think the trees sheltered us a bit.

Gidget doesn’t know what to think of it all. We’ve shoveled a snow pen for her. It’s like having a fenced in run.

I’m glad I filled the bird feeders before the snow started falling. These mourning doves were jockeying for position during the storm.

When I woke to the moon shining in the window I knew the weather had broken.

The front yard just as the sun was beginning to break through.

The view of our cozy house as we started to dig out this morning. I’m ever so grateful that Paul plowed once yesterday. It made today that much easier. Hearing that plow truck start up was music to my ear!

I spent a good bit of the morning raking snow off the roof – in preparation for the 8-12 inches that will be coming tomorrow evening.

I tucked a yardstick in the snow to measure the depth but had to scoop snow away to be able to see the top; 36″ in that spot.

Note my lilac bushes beneath the bird feeder. Just a few twigs peaking out of the top. The top of those bushes are above my waist!

As crazy as the last couple of days have been, it was worse in other areas. Some spots got as much as 40″ of snow. Some towns lost electricity for almost a full day.

We’ll see what they weather man has in store for us tomorrow!