I’ve got a case of cabin fever. I felt the need to get out and about today, but with all of this snow, there aren’t many places to hike. Pondering where to go where I’d have some space to move, I thought of the beach.

Roque Bluffs in the Snow

Hannah and I headed to Roque Bluffs. I hadn’t thought how we’d get to the beach – or where we’d park! You can just see the top of the stair rails peeking out of the snow here.

atlantic ocean winter

Thankfully, some kind soul had shovelled a path to the shore.

downeast maine beach winter

We’d almost expected a beach full of ice, but there was plenty of space to walk where the tide had removed the snow.

ocean in winter

There was a slight breeze, but the temps were above freezing; it wasn’t a bad day for a beach walk considering it was February.

camera winter beach

I enjoyed watching Hannah take over the camera. She survived in a couple light jacket layers.

bundled up for winter on the beach

I, on the other hand, was bundled from head to toe. And, with my Muck boots, I was able to stroll along in the surf.

hannah at roque bluffs

Ultimately, Hannah did complain about the cold. I offered to treat her to a Dunkin Donuts coffee after our walk. What did she get? Iced coffee. Go figure.

mother and daughter selfie

I love these weekend walks with my girl!

snowy tree