If you’ve been visiting me here at my Downest Thunder Farm blog for any length of time, you know I’m passionate about owls. I have yearned to capture one on camera.

When I finally spotted an owl that stuck around long enough for me to snap a picture, it was with my cell phone. After that missed opportunity, I pledged to never leave the house again without my camera. It was my New Year’s resolution.

maine barred owl

Today, that dedication to dragging my camera along finally paid off! Within 1/2 miles of the location where I found a dead owl a couple of weeks ago, I spotted this wonderful creature.

a barred owl in Whiting

She was perched on a power line perusing the blueberry barrens.

barred owl on a power line

I watched her from the car until she flew off, only to land 20 yards or so down the power line.

beautiful barred owl

I slowly followed her and we played that game a few more times.

barred owl in flight

She watched me watching her and then she flew off again putting a little distance between us.

barred owl on a power line

I could have spent the entire afternoon watching her.

barred owl in downeast maine

She startled me when she swooped down off the power pole,

barred owl on the blueberry barrens

intent on something in the field bordering the barren.

barred owl in search of prey

She pounced.

barred owl on the hunt

And hopped.

barred owl in the field

And finally settling without her prey. When ultimately I lost sight of her, I continued on to my meeting.

barred owl at sunset

I was surprised when over an hour later she was back at the same spot on the power line. This time I turned the car off and ventured out. She studied me for just a moment.

barred owl flying in Maine

And I managed a few last pictures before she flew off into the sunset.

I did the Dance of Joy the entire way home!