red squirrel studying the bird tree

Despite the fact that my feeders are full, bird activity has been a little slow lately. The squirrels and the mourning doves have been my only regular visitors. With snow in the forecast for this afternoon, I spent the morning setting up bird tree. It’s been a couple of years since I turned our Christmas tree into a feeder for the birds.

discarded christmas tree decorated with bird treats

I propped up my discarded tree and tied it to a little sapling outside my living room window.

ornaments for the birds orange cups sunflower heads

The ornaments are orange cups I filled with a mix of peanut butter and bird seed – barely just enough peanut butter to keep the seed from falling out of the cups and tied them to the tree. Then I collected the sunflower heads I snipped this fall and had dried in the laundry room and added them to the mix. To hang them I pushed a needle threaded with dental floss (Mint flavored – will that keep the squirrels away?) through the flower head.

The stage is set. Now I wait and watch from the cozy warmth of the living room, camera at the ready.

Let’s hope my little tree withstands the gale force winds predicted for tonight!