Hannah and I braved the chilly afternoon with a walk by the river to work off some of the molasses cookies we’ve enjoyed over the holiday. Although there’s little snow here in the yard, in the woods, under the cover of trees, things were a little slippery.

Hannah landed on her behind twice, but kept on smiling.

We took our last mother/daughter selfie of 2016 as we headed home.

And then I spied this silhouette on the wires. Hannah quickly made a somewhat legal u-turn and headed back.

And here she is captured with my cell phone. I was thrilled! But did I have my camera with me? No.

Hannah rushed me home where I literally threw Gidget to Paul, grabbed my camera and returned to the car. Within minutes we were back to the spot where we’d seen the owl, but she’d moved on. Still, the excitement of finally snapping a picture of an owl stayed with me.

You know what this means? I can never, ever leave the house without my camera again. That just may be my New Year’s Resolution.

Happy 2017!