Family Night Out

Hannah, Paul and I took a break from the hustle and bustle of life and attend a local paint and sip event. None of us have much experience with painting anything other than a wall, but we had fun!


The subject was seascapes.


From left to right: Hannah, Susan, and Paul. So very different in colors, styles, and strokes.


There’s something soothing about swiping that brush back and forth across the canvas, playing with colors.

And there’s something nice about your family together in one place creating memories!

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2 Responses to Family Night Out

  1. Sara says:

    Hannah is an impressionist! I like it!

  2. Josef C. Jordan Jr. says:

    The family paintings are wonderful. I wish I had such skill, but the only thing I can paint is the garage door, and that is never to Nancy’s satisfaction. I have spent days blowing and raking leaves. The wind blew them all back again. I don’t know why our house is the vortex of all the winds in the neighborhood.

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