Autumn Geese


I spied this flock of geese late afternoon last weekend. I parked and slowly wandered towards them, snapping pictures with my camera. They were on alert but seemed to grow comfortable with my presence and went back to nibbling whatever they nibble. A few steps, pause. A few steps, pause. Suddenly, they took exception as I took on step too many.


Off they went, honking all the way – such a nostalgic sound for me.


Then the sound became louder as they changed course and turned inland to fly back over the field.


Seeing the birds in flight was such a pretty sight. I did feel a bit guilty for sending them their way, yet I so enjoyed the moment.

I hope they found a quieter field for the night.


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One Response to Autumn Geese

  1. Diane Cannon says:

    Living in FL now — I do miss watching the geese and ducks flying in the ‘v’ form–thanks for sharing and the memory–
    love and laughter, di

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