Seventeen years ago, I welcomed this child into the world. Who knew then that this journey with Hannah would be the very best part of my life?

She’s experienced so many milestones this last year that illustrate she’s not my little girl anymore, but an amazing young woman.


The smile of having passed her driver’s license test.

In June, she started her first paid job at Wyman’s of Maine. She’s counting blueberries in the finance office and is learning lots about business, blueberries, communication, and how the world works.

She passed her driver’s license test on Wednesday. Yup, I’m that mom who felt 16 was a little too young to be driving on her own.

We’ve finished our college visits and she’s decided where she’ll apply in the fall. A year from now back-to-school shopping will have a whole different feel.

She’s a student board member at the WHRL and regularly volunteers her time.

I so enjoy watching her embrace all of these facets of her life with maturity, confidence, grace, and humor. If sixteen was sweet, I think “Sassy Seventeen” fits her well.

Here’s to you, Hannah Roo! Happy Birthday!




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