The last couple of days have been a little frazzling. My computer died on Wednesday. I knew it was on its way out, but didn’t anticipate having to replace it just now when I’ve got a couple of deadlines looming. Thankfully I had a good backup and didn’t lose anything important. After a full day of researching options yesterday, we traveled the 90 minutes to Bangor where I did more research before finally choosing a system.

Upon arriving home last night, I unpacked the box only to find the computer itself visibly damaged. And my monitor cable didn’t work. So, back to Bangor again today. Six hours of driving, a couple of days of lost work, and hours reinstalling everything has left me feeling a little tense.

The hike Hannah and I made up Pigeon Hill tonight was just what I needed to let go of the tension. Gidgy doesn’t travel well, but once we hit the trail she raced along, her little body bounding over rocks and sprinting along the forest floor to keep up with us.


The view from the top was well worth the hike.









And finally, back at sea level for a beautiful end to the day.