Despite the fact that it was a hot and muggy day, I talked Hannah into helping me load and haul months worth of recycling to the bins in town. The ac in the car felt so good that we opted not to head straight home. Three hours later we’d covered a lot of territory.

Our destination was the blueberry barrens. The harvest starts in a few days – about a week ahead of what’s typical.

wymans blueberries Deblois Maine

Many of the blueberry barrens have vast panoramic views. Tunk mountain is visible in the background here.

Wumans berries deblois maine

The berries are so plump it was hard not to pick them! These are Wyman’s of Maine blueberry fields in Deblois.


Blue berries, blue skies.

wymans blueberry barrens

I can almost imaging this grass hides a beach rather than blueberry barrens.

summer blueberry barrens

A sea of blueberries.

a fork in the road on the blueberry barrens

Nope this is not a trick picture. The proverbial fork in the road – left and right lead into different directions.

blueberry barrens columbia maine

This view from Pea Ridge Road in Columbia.

columbia maine barrens with rainbow

You can just make out a faint rainbow on the right side of this panorama.

Hannah and I put a few miles on the car staying cool – all the while talking about everything and nothing. It turned out to be a wonderful afternoon.