Osprey Family

Over the past two days I’ve been stalking the Ospreys nesting atop a platform in Whiting. There appear to be three youth with Mama and papa watching over them from nearly trees. I could have spent the entire day watching them watching me, all the time wishing for a bigger lens!






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3 Responses to Osprey Family

  1. Laurie Sharp says:

    Such magnificent birds! I live near the water and see them soaring overhead often. And your images, again, are great! Longer lens would be nice, but oh the $$$! My hubby fantasizes about longer lenses all the time…
    Love your osprey felt bird pattern, btw!

  2. sabina chorley says:

    I love the Osprey we have 11 nesting pairs at Huntington Lake,CA. we watch every year !

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